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It is a pleasure to be here.....thank you for your welcome and freindship.

Many profound experiences opened my eyes and some extreme circumstances, have made me wonder why on earth did I have go through and even witness things that were far removed from the world of 'normality. I have been tested in faith, strength and heart has been pulled in different directions - My inner self has sometimes been driving decisions that lead me to turn down many lucrative offers over the years. Since childhood I wanted to help people. The pathway today, I stand and speak out as an individual....and use all my knowledge and skills to make a difference empowering people in different ways. Currently I am writing a self-help book, several other projects I have been working on and a few waiting....some are spiritually inspired and timely. *smile*

I joined this group to connect with other people in the industry. The area of my expertise is psychodynamic interation. My professional training is in counseling psychotherapy, coaching, and holistic health with a few other areas. My life experience has brought me in contact with countless people experiencing disabilities, mental illness, stress, relationship, adoption, addictions and stress related issues - to name a few. Awareness of change and taking steps for change - helping people step by step has given a deeper insight to assist my writing.... interaction in relationship also applies.

Many years ago I used to be on stage, have been headhunted for movie roles 5 times and also encouraged by a production team to have my own chat show. At the time I was unable to commit to doing any work that would take me away from my mother who was paralysed from the neck was not even something I could consider. Instead I told know how it is when you share things, and one woman responded in a way that made me refuse all opportunities that would bring me in the public eye - even on stage. The blow was hard and hit deeply. The irony is, many years later this same person pressed me to go see her because she was lonely...we had not been in contact for years. My instincts said she has hurt you too much in the past (dare I confess more than once) but against my better judgement I went...and ended up being in a minor car accident, her driving....I was the rear seat passenger as she reversed into an oncoming vehicle. I am 48 years old now.

In recent years I have been fighting two legal cases....both I am an innocent party - both with legal corruption issues, that is lawyers giving dishonest evidence - one I hold his dishonest affidavit that even contradicts the law in three places. The conquences of that cost me financially, two lots of bailliffs arriving at my home with one days notice and the other, only months prior to this, threatening me with homelessness . While all this was happening I was having multple asthma attacks...from the trauma of it all. Thank God I survived!!!

My background is I am the daughter of a co founder company director of what was to become a multimillion pound company. My mother, a well to do Greek lady - she was also an inspirational light to many people, including myself.....I have spent most of my adult years living a very nice life, private members clubs and a champagne lifestyle etc..Privately there was lots of emotional turmoil behind closed doors; since my mothers car accident that resulted in her paralysed from the neck downwards. Unfortunately my parents have died.

Being degraded and humiliated and then fobbed off by the UK legal system, was frustrating at first because I was trying to get them to redress their mistake. The police refused to prosecute, because the driver of the car was an ex policewoman I suspect...instead they said she is going no where in life, you are going to make a fortune with your qualifications.....To then, soon afterwards be contacted by three people who were innocent and inprisoned, who were silenced when released, enraged me. I have had to put this to the side for now....but I will be speaking out when I have other things in place - my experiences give a voice to confront many wrongs in the British legal system and create public awareness.

The attitude in UK is "well lawyers need to lie to win a case"...and "police lie all the time" stinks!!! One only needs to look at the esclating crime rate in UK to see what is contributing...I did some research to understand how can lawyers get criminals to walk free - that is because the crime reported is not documented by word, in law - so they get their client off on a technicality. The research is done. This information is on the backburner for now. I will never get justice - but hopefully I can influence change - that is long overdue here.

Meanwhile, Over a year ago, I have written a complete outline for a movie for the USA audience. It was inspired and confronts many truths and is in the publics best interest...It is a project I need a couple of facts to quote and check legalities. lol Btw it is nothing to do with the legal system whatsoever - even this is identified. *smile*

Another movie/sitcom I have shared, not sure which will be because it has potential for relating to the dating game and the interaction of personalities. Joining a dating site to write brought me to observe the dynamics - this was eye opening...I met some ruthless people there and also many opportunists...I joined just to make friends.

A third concept is aimed for the childrens audience, has potential to be ongoing series, movie and a book...the script needs developing and I am not prepared to discuss this in an open forum - however it will have a purpose to assist awareness etc..

Looking back over these past few years..One minute I am about to buy a large victorian home to make into a treatment centre...with my intention to write in retirement. In these last three years I have been stung a few times on the internet and many people used to call me up at all hours wanting 'free' therapy, business ideas and coaching.
If everyone realises their own uniqueness they can contribute in a positive way. Sadly there are people who exploit and those who are on the take. But there are many givers.

With health limitations, and being stretched to the extreme, I have had to focus on one project at a time now....I am much tougher than before..I value the opportunity to connect with 'ethical people' who are 'professionals' in the friends too. I am a woman of honor and integrity....and my life is about sharing knowledge to enable other people. I am a creative person with many more potentially lucrative ideas that an originator, I recognise that team work is also required with certain goals.

This is who I am...thank you for taking the time and reading.

Pauline Maria

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At 10:23am on February 16, 2012, Dan Wilson said…

Hi Pauline, I hope you're well.

I've just created a free website for actors and people in TV, film and theatre, and I'm working getting it off the ground..

Posting any ad for 30 days is free, and if you post a resume it will stay there for 12 months.

Please help me get it going and post an ad or your resume, I would really appreciate it. Perhaps you'll be the very first and go down in internet history! :)

At 8:46am on September 13, 2010, Keverne Eason Mapp said…
Hello Pauline,
As a young student,I grew up and lived most of my life in Yorkshire,having much fun until around 23,then I became curious and left for France,(1985 approx),and I'm still here!
So after reading your very complete passage,I felt obliged to comment and maybe contribute to some 'Blue-sky thoughts for you as I know you'll find your path as the only path you need to be on is that of your heart.It was truly touching to read your words and I understand your need for justice,however if you leave the energy bubble that could be surrounding you,maybe everyday will have blue skies.With all the respect for your beloved parents,they would want the best for you,which means happiness,and sometimes happiness is not always the otherside of perseverance.
I'm positive you'll be rewarded after years of effort.
Get ready for some SUNSHINE! I'm sending it in bundles!
At 1:20am on April 21, 2009, darius M said…
thanks for your openness ...lets see how strong ur connection pauline..there is a lot of deep in ur eyes..may u free ur self of all things dear..and fly
At 7:09pm on March 13, 2009, Troy Longhurst/ said…
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Troy Longhurst
At 3:24am on February 27, 2009, Ellen Gerstein said…
thanks for your comment....I appreciated it..
At 1:14pm on February 26, 2009, Ann Shaw said…
A BIG kiss to you dear Pauline, and talk properly tomorrow!!!

Lots of love
Ann xx
At 12:50pm on February 26, 2009, Mr. Mike said…
At 12:24pm on February 26, 2009, Mr. Mike said…
I just want to thank you for being my friend I am honored I hope to achieve good things for you!
At 9:29pm on February 25, 2009, Harold Davis said…
Pauline Thank you for everything... You are so special, and you make me feel like I'm making a difference in all of us........


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