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Working Title - “Treasured Past”

Hi all,

What do you think about the below story? Is it worth devoting the time to? I’m thinking this may be the opening of a full-length novel, but want to know what my fans think of it and how you all respond. And please keep in mind, I just wrote this in one pass; it’s…


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Starting Something New

Hi all,

As you all know by now, I’m sure, I tend to juggle several projects at one time. And new ideas are always forming in my mind to haunt me until I do something with them. In an effort to balance things and lessen the haunting by new ideas that demand…


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Hello everyone, I am so happy to be apart of T.M.P.

I am amazed of all the talent surrounding me, however I must remind everyone, last one to leave please turn out the lights.

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Co Hosting on Liquid Lunch

Hello, TMP World! Ever since I was a guest on a web show, I was asked to come back as a guest on another one of their shows, but now I'm co-hosting Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly. You can watch and listen live on the 31st. at 1:00PM

This is a two hour talk show with very interesting guests. All types of people, authors, conspiracy theorists with back up, doctors and actors, musicians, up and…


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Acting is My Life - I Shoot for the Moon Because Even If I Miss, I'll Be Among The Stars!

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be an actress. I started out as a singer, then a dancer and then got into theatre where I utilized my singing and dancing and incorporated my acting. I was named after Judy Garland as my mother wanted me to be an actress and singer too. I took years of film and commercial acting classes from one studio and then branched out into different acting workshops and courses. Then I actually got into films and commercials and started utilizing my skills.…


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Everyone dreams about greatness. Those who achieve it have a little luck, plenty of

faith, and an unfailing determination. Determination is the driving force

behind every successful person, and requires patience and a strong heart.

I am not an extremely patient person. I also can’t deny that I have doubted my

efforts. A lot.

But I am learning through my little, "young adult life lesson” moments. There are

mornings when I wake up, thinking that there is no way… Continue

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I write. I write music. I write music and lyrics, heartfelt poetry in journals and silly stories on wrinkly paper airplanes. Writing is a wonderful expression of creativity. It calms and invigorates, challenges and rewards. And, most importantly, writing craves inspiration.

Being inspired can be a mystical thing. We find the word “Inspiration” on coffee mugs, greeting cards, and “Go get ‘em!” wall posters. We see inspiration in Nike commercials and Rocky parodies. We mock inspiration as… Continue

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The Miami Herald reports : "Investing in this Hispanic Television market is investing in growth. Investing in any other broadcasting is investing in a static or declining business.''

Spanish-language TV networks thriving

Buy Photo

'Spanish-language media consumption is going to change dramatically . . . and I don't know if the old guard understands what is going to happen,' says Miami Hispanic media consultant Adam Jacobson.



Related Content

Spanish-language networks

Hispanic media keeps growing


Their advertising sales may… Continue

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MEGA TV SPANISH TELEVISION NETWORK just announce official exclusive ONLY HISPANIC TV STATION for MIAMI DOLPHIN 2010 PRE-SEASON FOOTBALL . . . you may want to reserve your TV commercials with me on Mega TV for all or individual markets Miami-FT Lauderdale, West Palm, Orl...ando, Tampa, New York, Chicago, California, South Carolina, Las Vegas, Texas, DTVMAS Nationwide - United States National Coast To Coast !
See More

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I am seeking potential producers interested in effectively help me with

my idea to revive "The Equalizer" as a new and updated series.

I would also like to have a brainstorming session with anyone that may

have plot ideas apt to help mount a potential pilot viable to be shown

to Network executives.

My offer is open to all.

Talented and seriously interested people are preferred.

This is not just a chat and run matter.

I seriously… Continue

Added by Patrick S. Selitrenny on March 21, 2010 at 11:14pm — No Comments

Original Wendy Markland Short Story - “Remnants”

Hi all,

Remnants, the original Wendy Markland short story, is now on-line. To receive your free copy, simply sign up for Dark Castle Lords Publications’ free newsletter. Just go to…


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hi all,

Regardless of whether you celebrate today by wearing green ( I forgot to put green on this morning and have already been pinched three times for that neglect! ) drinking green beer, dressing up as Patrick Stewart ( Mr. Bill Amend, that Fox Trot strip was pure genius! ) or any other way, or not at all, I hope that the…


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Next Direct Child Modeling Competition: Vote for Ryan E. # 27283

Please take a couple of minutes and make a vote for Ryan E. to be the Child model of Next Direct as they launch their clothing line in the U.S.

Next Direct, Britain's most loved children's clothing brand is launching in the US. So we are looking for bright new modelling talent. Our competition is open to all US resident children aged 4 to 7 years . . . and the prize is exceptional - a $100,000 education scholarship fund, plus representation by top model agency…


Added by Kathy Patterson on March 16, 2010 at 10:08pm — 5 Comments

A Pause for Beauty

Night Bear by Rod MacIver…


Added by Jeanette McDermott on March 15, 2010 at 2:10pm — No Comments

The Human Experience in select theaters April 9th!

The Human Experience in select theaters April…


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Agent? Publicist?

I’m looking for a new agent and a good publicist. I need people who can deal with and promote all aspects of my writing career - novels, movies and comic books.

Scott Harper…


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Parental Set Etiquette

As the mother of a child actor, I would like to share a few pieces of set etiquette specifically for parents. I have to be brutally honest here, it is unavoidable. I have seen far too many parents unprepared for what they encounter on set:


Many professional child actors understand that they are there to do a job. Please explain to your child that the set is not a place for socializing. I say this because, I have been on set and found that many parents feel it is…


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being human - BBC3

vamps werewolves ghosts & mo'!!

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Lei’Lah Star Kid Actress Steps Up

Lei’Lah Star singer, voice-over, dancer, model and kid Actress steps up to the plate

when Meet the Fockers Sequel (2010) director Paul Weitz requested her to speak bumped…


Added by Lei'Lah on March 7, 2010 at 2:00pm — No Comments

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