March 2013 Blog Posts (12)

Judy Cerda as Dr. Laura Peterson in Agent 6 Movie

I spent some hours filming in San Francisco today playing the role of a psychiatrist, Dr. Laura Peterson, in a new short action movie called "Agent 6". I got to work with two terrific directors whom I've worked with before and another director who actually interviewed me for an online magazine a few years ago.…


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Gansta Marcus Facing 3 Years

Rap artist, real name …

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Universe's Age?

Universe's Age? Planck Space Probe Data Push Back Date Of Big Bang That Started It All



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Judy Cerda in 911 Appliance Rescue Commercial!

This morning I acted in a commercial as a career woman in a hurry dealing with an appliance repairman for an appliance repair service. This commercial will be featured on the yelp website as well as other places. The shoot went well and was fun and I'll keep everyone posted about when and where it airs.

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Judy Cerda Booked Modeling Job!

I booked a modeling job and did the shoot today at a studio in Fremont where I wore three of my best dresses. I'll be given copies of the photos in about a week. Afterwards I went for a nice walk at Lake Elizabeth with my husband where I ran into my "husband" from the "Last Dance" movie. What a coincidence! It sure was nice to see him again. Pictures from the shoot will be online soon!

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Judy Cerda as Nurse in LiveCareer Video!

I had an infomercial shoot today for a career company playing the role of a nurse showing both good and bad interviewing techniques for the nursing career. The shoot went great and I worked with some nice directors. (yes, I played a nurse again but a different type). So after doing a show last night in Monterey and getting to bed at 1:30 a.m., I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to head to San Francisco today for the shoot. It was all worth it though and I had a good time.

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Judy Cerda Peforms at Monterey Plaza Hotel!

Last night I performed in a show as Nurse Lippkiss called The Witherspoon Millions (a murder mystery dinner theatre show) at the beautiful Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA. The role is a flirty, sexy and suspicious private nurse to a rich old woman. The show went great and it sure was a fun time with good audience responses and a nice dinner.

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Get it to Your iPad with Instashare

If I didn’t know it takes months for applications to be developed, I would have thought the programers wrote the software after a Vulcan Mind Meld with me.

(read more)

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Gansta Marcus - Stand Up

A big shot out to those who grinding, working, and just all around taking care of business. For everyone who dream big or got their own images or themselves rolling.…


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Five Web-Based Tools for the Voice-Over Kind

At some point, I made the decision that internet centric tools were not a bad thing. I have 67 bookmarks for various tools and services that I use monthly if not weekly. I don’t know when I made the transition; I didn’t feel a thing when it happened. In celebration of interweb tools, I’m sharing 5 that might be worthy enough for you to bookmark.



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