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I was so excited at the Boston International Film Festival last week, UNDERGROUND....

I was so thrilled as an extra to be part of a film, the kind I grew up, the kind I so dearly love.

Just to take part of a film, where, yes the creator, the lead and the owner of the company, who not only acts but does his own fight and stunts scenes as well, Will Bertraud--who did not give up on his film and in which it did take him

5 years to finish, but well worth it.

Yes my little improved bit, did make it into the film and it did make people laugh.…


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Victor Mueller, Actor

Victor Mueller Acting Reel from Victor Mueller on…


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Crystal Cubria, Acting Reel

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and so I another site, the 3rd one where I will not be harrassed about talking bout the man I want to meet and work with JACKIE CHAN.

I can see Harold throughly watches over this sites and probably will watch to see that no one will harrass me or discriminate against me, if I choose to write all I want about my idol Jackie Chan, about wanting to meet him and work with him, so I feel blessed to be here.

I can also talk about Sharuk Kahn and Michael Jai White and not worried about someone being prejudice about me writing about them.

I am happy in my life and content to be involved with the…


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TV Industry News


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"Do you hear the people sing?" Do you want to?

This is an article I wrote for my high school newsletter, The Cherokee Scout. Cherokee High School’s spring musical, and my last CHS performance, will be Les Miserables.

“Do you hear the people sing?” Do you want to?

Cherokee's esteemed Drama Guild is proud to present this year's musical production of the widely acclaimed musical spectacular,…


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Interview from youtube last 3 mins. with Jane McCormick , author of Breaking My Silence Party Girl for the Rat Pack

Hello TMP people. I thought I'd share some interesting goings on in my life this year. My first theater debut was in Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love. I will be on my second theater Production, The Vagina Monologues in March. This is a charity event and proceeds go to Violence Against Women and Children. This is done simultaneously world wide. So, in each city and country is a run of The Vagina Monologues! I'm Proud to be a Participant in this Cause! My special Cause is…


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Poem -- Accolades to the avarice of humanity -- the duality of a ballad long ago sung

Accolades to the avarice of humanity -- the duality of a ballad long ago sung

I'm traveling down down down the road

looking back at all the wrong turns

the blind curves that rolled up on me

before my eyes could clip the sand it took

to blink

To capture still photographs

of slips of breath

in which self licking culprits

stroke the ruination of flesh

in the desperate bid to grab what

they can…


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With a smile and a song!

Today was such a beautiful day here in New Jersey! I'm getting ready for my senior trip to Disney in a few weeks and I thought I would dig up an older blog of mine:

Happy Spring!

Snow White had the right idea. In celebrating springtime, we all think about the original morning person, herself. Poor Snow White was almost killed by that Huntsman guy, and yet she

still chose to live in a bubble of blissful ignorance. Or was she really

just a…


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