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Exclusive: 2009 Saturn Awards Red Carpet

Enjoy exclusive footage from the 2009 Saturn Awards Red… Continue

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New Orleans and Louisiana

Arlington, and New Orleans were great!!!

Grassroots Films was invited to show The Human Experience in Arlington, VA to 750+ young adults who have decided to dedicate a week from their summer vacation to helping others. Talk about the real human experience! The screening was received quite well and Jeff and Michael hope to continue hearing from people who enjoyed the film - via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

As for N'Awlins - Kappa Gamma Pi Honor… Continue

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Yvonne's Quote For The Day

"Need of control and possession of others leads to lack, lack of self-growth, love, kindness, trust and appreciation of just how great that person can be - stand back and give guidance when, where and if it is necessary - we all had to learn from the beginning and we are all still learning something new everyday - perhaps the lesson for that type of behavior is - patience and understanding" Yvonne Rice - Smiles to You

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Exclusive Interview With Robert Englund On The 'Nightmare' Remake!

Hey Guys,

Check out this exclusive interview with Robert Englund on how he feels about Jackie Earle Haley as the new Freddy Kreuger and the 'Nightmare' remake!

Face Your Fears!…


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Yvonne's Quote For The Day

"Nothing beats a good laugh - you know, the type that makes you gasp for breath and brings tears to your eyes! - we should all do this more often - go to a comedy show, watch a funny movie or video and share the laughter with those around you - seek out laughter in your life - what a great feeling that is!" - Yvonne Rice - Laughing with you here!

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Hey everybody......we're happy to announce that the first ever Benefit For The Bears Concert Series went off with out too many hitches in San Francisco, California, (USA) Savannah, Georgia (USA), and Wagga Wagga Australia on June 20th...!!!...

This is a planned ongoing series if events, shows, and concerts designed to bring the worlds awareness and attention the the plight of these endangered Bears who have only eleven left in the wild.....all the rest are in crush cages being held… Continue

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DEAR MICHAEL.................

It is with heavy heart and joined by millions that I find myself writing these words Friend....

Your life of triumph out of tragedy is an inspiration and example for the world to take a lesson from....

You are...... as I will never think of you in the past tenths, for your Music and legacy will be forever......and your sounds....your moves.....still as fresh and innovative today as the day we first laid eyes on you with your Brothers so few, yet so many years ago....and… Continue

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Yvonne's Quote For The Day

"Avoid negative people in your life. They emotionally drain you and in reality they have the answers to their problems they just don’t want to face what they have to do to fix them - they find it easier to wallow in self-pity and play the “blame game”. Your listening ear and constant words of sympathy will only keep them trapped there - allow them to take self responsibility - and grow" - Yvonne Rice - Smiles to you!

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Yvonne's Quote For The Day

"How you deliver your words will have an impact on those around you - think before you deliver them - make them a positive impact that enriches a person's life - even if you are disappointed or disagree with them. To belittle is to try and render them powerless and why would you want to do that? - we all learn from mentoring - a position that is an honor to be given anyone" - Yvonne Rice - Smiling at you here

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Comfort Zone

by Mr. Mike
Vision Animation Studio

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So Cal Drivin

by Mr. Mike
@ vision animation studio

For Craig

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TACO BELL Crunchier than i remember

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An Official Grassroots Films Update

A Festival Win

This just in: Grassroots Films' The Human Experience has been named a Golden Palm Award winner at the 2009 Mexico International Film Festival, taking home the Grand Jury Award!

Read about this and much more on our Official Grassroots Films Update!

Your Friends At

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Watch "Night Of The Living Dead" And Exclusive Clips From "My Bloody Valentine" In 2D AND 3D!

Hey guys,

Is life in 2D boring you? Now you can watch "Night Of The Living Dead" and an exlusive clip from "My Bloody Valentine" in 2D and for the first time in 3D for free!!




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Exclusive Interview With Derek Mears

Hey Guys,

Check out an exclusive interview with Derek Mears on the "Friday the 13th"… Continue

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For someone who knows more about the mind of the computer than I do. Here is my problem.

I was asked to delete one of my photos on a ning site. When I got my photo and was in their "edit" feature, I clicked hide from view for all. Evidently that caused me to now have trouble getting any thumbnail to appear (as on this site). My revolving photos will show but the thumbnails will not. How can I tell my computer to put itself right again? Love to… Continue

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Here is a few words on my work, events, films and business in general. I'm very busy with my projects and business, and so I don't post everyday. I post only what I think might be interesting or important.



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The Human Experience at ACEFEST in TriBeCa

The Human Experience has been announced as an Official Selection at ACEFEST 2009!

Saturday, July 11th


TriBeCa Cinemas

New York City

Check out the ACEFEST site for more info, and be sure to follow us… Continue

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NYC - Manhattan Screening Announced!

Yet another NYC Screening
This one is in Manhattan!

June 23rd @ 7:30PM

St Vincent Ferrer Church Hall
869 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY
(b/t 65th and 66th St.)

Get your tix here - they're going fast!


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