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Judy Cerda in Millennium Apocalypse Web Series

Here's Episode 5 of Millennium Apocalypse wherein I play Patty Roebuck. I'll be in Episode 6 next Friday night too. Watch it here!  My character is a scared wife and school teacher of a child with a special ability.  See what happens tonight and next Friday night.  This web series plays every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. on itunes, blip tv and several other internet…

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Judy Cerda in "No Exit" Movie

Today I filmed all day in San Francisco a new short film called "No Exit" wherein I played the role of Estelle, a stuck-up vain woman who finds herself in jail and going through Hell with her emotions. The day was long but the shoot went well and I look forward to seeing this film play in festivals. I'll keep everyone posted.

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Journey to success

Journey to success

I’ve been a professional actress for eleven years and I can truly say I am enjoying this journey and embrace every experience that is placed before me. I have a knack for entertaining, often times defining myself as an entertainment guru. With two children in the business, its tricky to stay focused but I told myself that I didn’t want to let another year pass without concentrating on my own career which includes promoting…


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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I've been writing whenever I can, a little sometimes, more on other times but nonetheless I'm writing. At 1st I thought I should write a screenplay but as I find myself writing more & more, it dawned on me maybe I should write the book 1st & then write the screenplay. But, with my time-consuming position at work that I find demanding more & more of my time, I'm not making the kind of progress I would like. I'm able to spend some time during my weekends off but I'm looking for a…


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2011 Emmy winners complete list

2011 Emmy winners complete list


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Judy Cerda as Julie Baxter in Web Series

My shoot went really well today for the new web series I am in playing the lead role of Julie Baxter, a tv reporter, dealing with some mishaps.  It's a good comedy and the director was super nice to work with.  He built an incredible news room set and everything flowed nicely.  I'll be filming more episodes for this series soon.  I am uploading a few photos from the shoot. 

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Oscar-Winning Actor Cliff Robertson Dies at 88

Oscar-Winning Actor Cliff Robertson Dies at 88


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Judy Cerda in Commercial for Amazon and Life Channel

I filmed a commercial playing the role of Sharon Nesbitt, a cheating wife, in a commercial for Amazon and the Life channel as well as other tv stations.  This commercial advertises a book called "Hotels, Motels, Backseats and More which is currently being sold on Amazon.  It's a book about relationships and cheating spouses.  We filmed it in beatiful Walnut Creek and Danville.  Watch for this commercial on tv and on Amazon soon!

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Aldergrove's Million Dollar Garage Sale



Sunday, September 11 · 11:00am - 2:30pm




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Judy Cerda in Summer Place Music Video

Here is the music video "Summer Place" I was in as a 1970's housewife as seen here in Rolling Stone magazine. This video will also be shown on MTV and other major network channels. Watch for it on tv! Fountains of Wayne: 'Summer Place' | Rolling Stone New and Hot Videos As you will see, I have a 1970's Farrah Fawcett type of hairstyle in this music video and the house is definitely dated back to the 1970's which is really neat.…


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My Legacy Super Store!:-)

Dear friends,

When you have a little time, my LEGACYsuper store at:

See you there!

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Judy Cerda in Miss Communication Movie

Tonight I acted in a short film called "Miss Communication" playing Susie, an HR representative. It was a really funny comedy and we had a great time filming it. It is for a short movie competition coming up in a few weeks that awards great cash prizes. I was happy to be working with this director again who also directed the movie "The Painter" that I have a lead role in. That movie will be out very soon.

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Judy Cerda as Patricia Roebuck in Millennium Apocolypse Web Series


I am in a web series called Millennium Apocalypse Season Two: The Dark Inside You which plays tonight (Friday) on all these sites at 8:00 p.m. I play the role of…

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