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Offering A Cover Design Service – Good Idea?

A couple of people who have seen the cover I designed for my upcoming novel “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” have suggested that I might want to think about offering a book and/or DVD cover design service. What do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea? Worth exploring? Please let me know.

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“Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects”

My latest novel, “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects”, will be released Thursday, December 1st, 2011. The publisher is Dark Castle Lords Publications. Please spread the word!


Felix Hollerman is a werewolf, struggling with what he unexpectedly became nearly two years ago. The stress and pressure of dealing with his lycanthropy has pushed him to the edge. When Nephele Kolb arrives unexpectedly, also claiming to be a lycanthrope and offering to help Felix change his…


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Judy Cerda in New Commercial as Sexy, Demanding Girlfriend

Tonight I filmed a new commercial playing a sexy but demanding girlfriend (another lingerie scene for me - I seem to be getting quite a few of those lately).  It is quite funny about a new product and I think audiences will really enjoy it.  It's for a company (name must be withheld at this time) but will be released soon on a website and other places.  I was happy to work for this same director again as I had been in one of his films called Boxed Up and in another commercial of his for…


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Thomas J Murphy's broadcasted clips !!!!!

These clips are from The B.B.C. The Guardian and Leapanywhere.




Thomas's diverse experience includes covering topical issues, current affairs as well as fashion.

Thomas is a confident and charismatic T.V. Presenter that engages audiences with his wonderful…


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Joe Frazier Dead: Former Heavyweight Champion Dies At 67

Joe Frazier Dead: Former Heavyweight Champion Dies At 67…


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Judy Cerda as Laura in "Come Back Puppy Come Back!" Movie

I acted in a new film called "Come Back Puppy Come Back!" in San Francisco today.  I played the role of Laura, a rich snobbish loan shark woman who makes a deal with some desperate clients.  This style and plot are similar to the movie "Pulp Fiction" and involve a dog (can't say anymore about the plot).  I filmed all my scenes up on a roof top high above a building.  It was set up as an outdoor patio capturing the beautiful scenery of San Francisco.  I could see the whole city from the roof top… Continue

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419 To The 662 Now on Itunes

Itunes is now the digital leader in downloads and sales. 419 To The 662 has been released under the hit producer… Continue

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Where are the fans of Hip-Hop

Crown Royal Entertainment is proud to present: "The Artist Lineup". We are currently on the lookout for more up and coming artist looking to get their work heard. We believe unity is the key, without it, the industry may lack to survive the nearing future.…


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Whats going on this month.

I auditioned for a lead role in Noises Off for the Broadway Repertory Players in Riverside CA.  It went very well.  Should find out if I got  the part  soon.  Got a photo shoot for Resistance Magazine this Saturday and one for a clothing store coming up soon too (waiting on time/date/location).  I have also submitted for some pilot castings.  It would be great to get picked up on one or two. Things are moving right along career wise.  ;)

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Global Network Promotions is presenting a gold key opportunity that is sure to identify with your brand initiatives and goals.We're launching "Super Teens TV Show" in mid 2012.

GNP is producing an amazing televised teen show, contestants demographic diverse 12 to 18 with national television/ mobile smart phone broadcast opportunities. Media advertisement, massive social cross promotions for sweep stakes and a 30-40 city tour that offers on site brand, media,mobile,radio…


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