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Semi-Finalist (top 2%), 2005 American Screenwriting Competition
Finalist, 2009 Award Winning Screenplay Contest.
Family Drama
Estimated Budget: $30 Million

"Sibling rivalry at 200 miles an hour". GODSPEED is unlike any racing movie you've seen thus far. Loosely based on the story of the Prodigal Son, it’s the story of a family set in the high-speed, high-stakes world of NASCAR. When rebellious son, TROY TASKER, returns home, his father, BLAKE, a NASCAR legend, reinstates him to the race team. The resulting friction among family and team members nearly tears the team, and the family, apart as they make a run at winning the Championship.

TROY TASKER, a rebellious and angry young man, engages in an exciting but dangerous street race through the suburbs of Miami. It ends badly when Troy is wrecked and he is arrested and sentenced to serve 5 years in prison for street racing and destruction of property. 2 years later:

NASCAR legend and Patriarch BLAKE TASKER has finished second in the Championship standings 5 times over the course of his long career driving the Interstate Batteries #18. In the second to last race of the season, Blake maneuvers his race car under the watchful eye of his oldest son and Crew Chief, COLLIN. He finishes 3rd in a thrilling photo finish- enough to give him a shot at the Championship. One last shot at the title- one last
chance for glory- before retiring. If he finishes TWO POSITIONS AHEAD of his arch rival MASON- in the final race, he will win the Championship. Following the race, Blake's convictions are put to the test when RHOADES, a wealthy German businessman, offers to buy out Tasker Racing, a deal which could make the pit crew and other employees a lot of money. Preferring to be his own boss, Blake politely declines the offer. Meanwhile, TROY receives early release for good behavior, and an admonishment from the warden to be careful in the future. “A car be a deadly weapon”, and he’s very lucky he didn’t kill anyone. Troy returns to the family homestead. It’s a cold reception. Disdainful looks. Whispers. Blake appears. It appears he just might punch Troy in the face. Instead he embraces him in a warm hug. Blake throws a party to celebrate Troy‘s return and restores him to a position on the race team- just like old times. The Prodigal Son, however, gets the cold shoulder from older brother Colin, who makes no secret about not wanting him back. The team talks about the big money offer from Rhoades- they have a stake in the team and it could make them rich. Collin insists Troy will have no place on the pit crew as long as he’s Crew Chief.
The next day, instead of including him in a team meeting, Collin hands Troy a mop and tells him to make himself useful. Blake discovers Troy mopping the floor and reminds him he’s part of the race team. A guilty Troy protests that he doesn’t deserve to be on the crew. Blake reminds him if he got what he deserved, he’d still be in jail. As tension heats up between the quarrelling brothers, tensions among the now-divided pit crew increase as well and they split into 2 camps- some are loyal to Blake and support his decision not to sell, while others want the money that would come from the sale of the team. Some of them also feel Collin was wronged by Troy’s restoration to the pit crew.During qualifying for the Championship race, Troy questions Collin’s setup of the car. Collin assures him it’s the right setup for this track. However, the car is tight and slow and Blake blows up at the crew. Collin retorts that the setup might be better if they had more money.

Meanwhile, Rhoades informs Collin he no longer wants to buy Tasker Racing- he’s made a deal with the competition. But he IS interested in Collin. If Collin leaves now, he can drive Rhoades’ other car next year. Collin tells Blake about Rhoades’ offer. Blake is hurt that his son is considering leaving. Troy says to let him go- he’s got the wrong setup anyway. Blake, irritated that his sons can’t work anything out, demands somebody set up a car that can win this race. Collin responds that he’ll set up the car, then he’s outta here. Troy tells Collin he should leave right now- HE has the right car. Fed up, Blake leaves for his press interviews. The brothers’ feud breaks into open warfare.When Collin drives on track to work on the setup during a "happy hour" practice session, Troy jumps in the backup car and races out to engage him in a duel. BOTH Interstate Batteries cars are now on the track. Collin spots his brother, knows he’sout to prove him wrong. His pride takes over. He must beat him. The brothers race- each determined to beat the other. To prove his point. And settle old scores. All in a few laps.In the press box, Blake spots his sons. They’re going to kill each other, and any chance he has of winning. He hurries to the pits just as Troy SPINS COLLIN OUT.

As one of the Interstate Batteries cars careens across the grass and onto pit road, Blake shoves an unsuspecting track worker to safety, but doesn’t make it out of the way himself. Collin’s spinning car knocks Blake to the ground, his head SLAMMING into the concrete. Blake has suffered a concussion and will not be able to race on Sunday. His hopes for a Championship are gone. In a cruel irony, the boys receive word their car won the pole position. At the same time, the snide Rhoades lures thedivided and rebellious staff away with better pay.Blake’s medical problems bring realization of what’s really important, and forces the boys to settle their differences. Troy truly regrets wandering away. He’s glad his father gave him a second chance. Collin is glad he helped get the team close to a Championship when no one gave them a chance. The resolve to help their father get to the finish line and win the Championship.

On race day, to the surprise of everyone, Blake is in the car. The race starts and Blake limps ONE LAP around the track. He pits. His crew pulls him from the car. The crowd goes wild, knowing they are seeing this living legend on a race track for the last time. According to NASCAR rules, if a driver completes one lap and a substitute driver takes
over, the race still counts for the original driver. Blake. But changing drivers requires precious time. Troy jumps in and screams out of the pits.Troy drives like a man possessed. Cautions help Troy make up time on the leaders. The pit crew performs flawlessly, making up more time. MASON watches nervously as Troy fights his way back into the race. Back into contention. In the final laps, Mason and Troy duel like hi-speed gladiators, passing, drafting, eachtaking, losing and re-taking the lead. It’s a tight, excitingrace. But it’s not going to be enough. With just a few laps to go, Troy and Mason are running one-two. For all of Troy’s hard driving, they still have to beat Mason by TWO positions if they want to win the Championship. Blake gets on the radio, tells his sons that even if they don’t win the Championship, they can still win this race. As a family. In a last ditch effort to pull off a win, Collin tells Troy not to come into the pits during a late caution. On the final lap, his fuel pressure is below “empty“. Troy takes the final turns toward the finish line three abreast. He and Mason touch- and SPIN. Mason slams into the outside wall. His car crumples. Troy slides into the infield. He hits the grass. His TIRES DIG IN and he FLIPS. His car BARREL ROLLS through the infield. Once…twice… and LANDS ON ITS WHEELS,still rolling toward the finish! Inside his car, Mason refires his engine and limps toward the finish line. In his car, Troy is pedaling as fast as he can. Only a few feet to go.But Mason is gaining on him. Behind them, cars emerge from the smoke of their wreck… Troy crosses the finish line. Second Place. But Mason is closing on the checkers, himself. At the last moment, two other cars BLAST PAST. Mason crosses the finish line in fifth place! Troy has just won his father the Championship! Blake, Collin and Troy- Father and son and son- unite in victory.

A team. And more importantly, a family.
Screenplay by: Michael Toay & Travis Mann Producers: Howard Kazanjian (Raiders of the Lost Ark / Return of the Jedi) Michael Toay & Travis Mann Director: Arthur Anderson (Mission Impossible 2&3, Paycheck, Wind Talkers, Face Off)


Role: Blake Tasker (Lead)
Bill Pullman Chris Cooper Dennis Quaid
Scott Glenn
Role: Colin Tasker (Lead)
Justin Timberlake James Franko Josh Hartnett Tom Welling
Role: Troy Tasker (Lead)
James Marsden Chris O’Donnell Ryan Phillippe Jake Gyllenhall
Role: Katie (Lead)
Rachel Bilson Sophia Bush Rachel McAdams Amber Tamblyn

For more information, contact Max Millionz At; www.maxmillionz.com

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