This weekend, I felt like I was in a beehive. All around me were swarms of black and yellow Tshirts, posters, and baseball caps. People buzzed about everywhere filling out registration forms or pinning
on numbers. We were three thousand strong, and we were united.

“Livestrong” was created to raise money for cancer research, but a few days ago, it raised more than that. In all of the participants of the “Livestrong” Run, I saw hopes being raised. I saw awareness
raised, and not just cancer awareness. I saw the idea that people can unite for
the good of all come to life.

I had never before witnessed something like that. It was truly a sight.

When people join together, it makes them strong individually. Many think that the world can’t unite, but after seeing such a wonderful congregation at the Run, I disagree with the skeptics. Surely not one
of us is perfect, but we all have the ability to put aside our differences to
fight for what we believe in.

Does that still sound like a load of preschool garbage?

Let me explain.

Being a part of the fight against cancer was a liberating experience. I watched as people who had battled the disease crossed the finish line, and were handed a yellow rose for their achievement. That is
something everyone needs to see in their lifetime.

This not-so-small-scale example of human unity and courage is enough to convince even the most skeptical person that we are all capable of joining hands across the nation and across the globe. And, in
reaching out to others, we ourselves become better, more admirable, more
confident people.

Do something, big or small, right now. Plan to join in the next charity run. Plant a tree. Donate some old clothes to a shelter. Anything that you do in your lifetime to help others enriches you

Need some persuasion?

Try it out.

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