I am telling my story in hopes that I my reach out and help others understand more clearly there spirituality and how very magical life truly is.

I was in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2004 that caused me to have a serious brain injury and head trauma. They said I mite not make it.

To get right to it my spirit left my body and was in this light looking down at the people trying to save me. I could here them and I watched them give blood and resuscitate me.

I was bleeding from the head lost 3 pints of blood. The fear was my brain swelling up. I had a broken jaw and mouth wired shut for two months after.

I could not talk,eat or remember anything!! I saw them operating on me in the hospital again I was out of my body in the room. I could here them and see them touching me.

It is clear to me we will all live forever! When I was in the light it was the most divine, angelical,loving,safe, indescribable feeling. One could not even begin to describe it as it is not found here in this life. It was clear I was in a different place, some call it (heaven).

I did not want to ever leave. But for some reason I had to come back. Now I spend my days a totally different person in so many ways.

I know I am here for a reason. I am trying to find that thing I need to do? I know something is pushing me to truly open up and live the life I am suppose to be living. The question is, What is that? Am I on the right path?

I am searching for that infinite higher self inside of me. I know it is there because that is who saved me and brought me back. My higher self that knows so much more and has magical powers.

I am trying to dig deep inside my soul to find the divine power that we all have. I know it has everything to do with our thoughts and believes. Every scene this has happened I have been driven by that divine energy to learn more. I am on a search for something? I have a stronger desire to understand and truly love people.

I feel I am in a movie show watching my self on the screen of my life and I am the script righter(producer). I get to decide how the movie will be written. I believe this is me outside my body watching what will happen next.

If you could be the producer of your own life and wright the script what would you wright. Do we REALLY think about what we what in and out of life, or do we just set back and let someone be the producer and script righter of our life. We just go along with whatever life deals us. We have lost our desire for life.

Why is this, well it is because of a world filled with illusions and distrust. People love power and control.

I am not afraid of death as I know we do not die. Our earthly body dose but our soul lives on. The most important thing lives on. What are we doing in our life here on this earth to take care of our soul? You will not be able to kill the soul.

I am deeply changed by my experience in the afterlife. I wake up every day in the moment looking for ways to try and show or make someone feel just a small peace of the bliss I felt in that amazing light. I meditate a lot. That dose make me feel closer to the divine.

I know I came back with some of this blissful love and energy to share with people. I am in the proses of trying to find ways of reaching out to people that need my energy from the light. If you have any ideas for me please let me know at I would love to here what you are thinking.

Peace and love be with you all.)

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