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I'm an actress, not a script writer, but I think I have an idea for a new sitcom. Considering that many of us blog and belong to various dating sites as well as blogging sites, as do I, then the simplicity and obvious sitcom premise would be that. Let me explain.

Many of us are either divorced, have grown up, or young children. Kind of been there, done that! With that in mind at some point or another, we've signed up or registered for Millionaire Match, Successful Match, E Harmony, Plenty of Fish, and the like. It could be a cast of characters for the main part, and sometimes (only come on set, once in a while) characters for fill in. With registering for a dating site, we 've had to fill out profiles, and our distinct tastes in what we seek in a mate! Considering blogging in some of these sites and the replies received it could be enough for 6 episodes, minimum of a test show. On one site I belong to, I wrote a blog about a real life occurence with a waxing job. Out of 170 members on that site, I received over 140 replies, and most of the replies from the men, couldn't be better written if a writer had done it! Also, the profiles alone sometimes are enough for a laugh. For example with one question on E Harmony.. 1. What would you like to see in a woman..
Answer: My dick! I could post the blog here if you like Harold? It really is a sitcom and kind of family on some of these sites. I can only speak from experience, but I know that most of the members on there, consider me part of their family.
We log in each day, so it's constant communication, and the demographics would appeal to the over 35 crowd. Lets' face it, we've all been introduced to potential paramours through friends, and they bomb! We're also established and tired of the bar scene, casual sex, isn't casual at all. Sometimes it's just not worth it. We can talk about Regrettable Sex, Politics, Inter-Relating as Human Beings, and Sex, of course! Current Events, and our lives would intertwine. So, what do you think?
First, thanks to Harold for creating this discussion. Second, Thanks to SimplyStella for a super idea for a new sitcom.
If you are not a script writer, I am not a script expert but your idea has for me all the ingredients of a winner. This is definitely something to be continue. Any interested writers out there?
I hope so, because this is all coming from my real life experiences.. So glad you approve, it has most of the script kind of written in the replies I received already. I have them saved in my documents. I have more real life stories that are episodes for this. If anyone is interested in putting into script, as I'm not a professional writer, you're welcome to do so, and I'm the talent for this show...
A film by Theodor Halacu-Nicon


Based on the true story of the Iraq kidnapping of the Romanian Journalists back in 2005, Tod Milles acts as a negotiator on their case. His identity has to remain hidden for he has a job of a kind.

Baghdad 2005

Night: Tod is in his hotel room, looking on the window, seeing the fires in the distance. He is drinking and smoking. He is a wreck: he tells the story of a loner who found the only way of feeling he is alive is getting close to danger, he is sad and sorry for himself and finally he falls asleep.
In a darken room someone brings a sandwich and pushes it in under the door. A woman speaking French, looking like a wreck jumps on it and starts eating. The voice over continues making the parallel in between him and the kidnapped, therefore characterizing him as a Negotiator in Iraq.
An airplane lands on the Baghdad airport. At the waiting room Mounaph is speaking in Arabian on a phone announcing the landing of the plane. He turns off then shows up to the gate. In the distance he sees a group of 3 journalists entering. He goes outside the airport and climbs into his old Mercedes going away. He’s been there only to witness the journalists’ arrival. They are taken by a Humvee, which drives them away.
A telephone rings. Tod awakes and answers. The phone comes from a very noisy place. He is called for duty.
Tod exits the hotel. Outside the hotel the Humvee with the Journalist just arrived. By the Old Chevy, Ali is waiting to pick him up. Ali is his Arabian driver. He climbs in and goes away. We realize they know each other for a long time as he’s been stationed here for the last 4 years. Ali is as much part of the Service as himself. He informs Tod on the case, he plays Tod’s notebook/assistant. They believe they have a lead for the kidnapped French journalist: The case they are working on, undercover and without the knowledge of the French Government.
The Chevy runs through the streets. An Apache chopper surveys the area. The Chevy stops at the downtown ruins surrounded by American and NATO troops. The place is somewhere in a crowded market. Tod meets the Colonel in charge who fills him in on the situation. They intercepted a last message from here. It is believed for the kidnapped to be here. The Colonel gets ready for the holdup he begins to speak into the megaphone to the rebels for a final warning. The target responds and shooting begins. The Allied troops close in and finally they decide to break in. During the shooting Tod finds a hiding place. He brings up his camera and documents the scene in very graphical shots. He calls it a hobby. The Apache comes back in, people run, panic. Civilians are shot down all documented on Tod’s camera. Troops close in. Tod discovers a car parked on the side of the building, right by the entrance the allied troops take to go in. He spots a blinking bomb under it. He goes out calling the retreat. The Colonel does not want the retreat. The Bomb goes off. Allied Troops fly around… in Carnage… Tod is full of anger.
Evening back at the Hotel, Tod is having a drink by himself. He meets the newly arrived journalists. He flirts with the girl. Here we see Munaph as he gets a telephone call, after which he comes and introduces himself to the group. He then presents the plan for the next day, as he is supposed to drive them around the city. As finally Munaph is gone Tod asks them about how secured are they and about who is covering their walk around streets. The night ends up with his advice. He got drunk though and people are not listening to him.
Next day Munaph comes and takes them away. By down they are all over the Al Jazzier news as being kidnapped. Next day Tod is called in by the CIA office as a known negotiator and they review the tape sent to the TV Station. They then listen to the voice tape sent to the Romanian government as is asked for 4 million dollars ransom. Tod does not want to pay so The Romanians decide to do the deal by themselves. The deal for paying off that goes wrong. The Romanian Embassy does not want the help be cause they have their own man Omar.
Omar gets in as a savior but the journalists are kidnapped from the initial kidnapers and get deeper into trouble. The first kidnappers turn out to be Omar’s own deal, a plan that was supposed to turn him into the savior of the journalists and cheat the Romanian government for a few millions. After the Romanians realize they’ve been cheated they call on help back on CIA.
Tod is sent to the Romanian Embassy. He talks to the Ambassador and then he meets Nadir, a local woman who works for the Romanian Embassy. First he is not sure he wants to help the Romanians but later on as his relation with Nadir develops, as she becomes his love interest, he accepts to get in without the Romanian help.

The Journalists are sold to the real kidnappers. Nobody knows where they are. Tod is now involved and somehow it all seems to work in the kidnapers advantage.
Second tape comes in and this time it looks much more real. It is an ultimatum given for the next 6 days when the journalist will be killed if the Romanian Government wont pay a 10 Million-Euro Ransom. Tod is still against paying although he now understands that the case got worse. The day-by-day work plan of Tod begins. He is a professional. Tod starts making contacts, and finally discovers the back plan of Omar and Munaph. The story expands as Nadir’s involvement in the kidnapping plan, is discovered by Tod. Love turns into hate and she almost kills him in a final love scene: He is faster and colder though. Once she is out of the game his plan starts to work. His contacts get him closer to the kidnappers. He manages to talk to them directly and ends up by being hold up himself, only to make an exit from inside out as the survivor that he is, with the help of his Arabian driver/assistant Ali. He frees the Romanian Journalist and after a run from the kidnapers that ends up with them breaking the gates of the local American base to get to freedom. The Journalists are then sent back home. His name is erased, as he is not the official story that The Government wants to hear. The President gets the credit for freeing the journalist back home, and he goes back to the life he was living at the beginning of the film.

The End

RAM Film, a newly founded Production Company who created the newly controversial prime time TV series “17” for Prima TV, presents a New Romanian thriller with a social twist. The story of a little girl named Maria, who comes from a good family in the newly formed ‘high society’ of post-Communist Romania, and due to a failed kidnap plan she gets lost in the underground sewers of Bucharest, meeting the unofficial society of homeless children living in those scary places. Based on fact, the plot is influenced by the many stories about the black market in human trafficking.

The story follows the actual and psychological journey of Maria, from the cruel reality of her fate, to the fantastic world of the imagination of a child in despair. At the same time, the film delivers a social message about the state of abandoned children in our society. It is similar in style to films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” by Guillermo del Torro, and “The City of Lost Children”, by Marc Caro and Jean Pierre Jeunet, with psychological elements similar to “The Cell” by Tarsem Singh.


In the same night her parents die in a car crash, Maria follows a little dog out into the underground world of the homeless children of Bucharest.


One night, when her parents left her home alone, the 7 years old Maria and her favorite doll are drawn to the underground of the city by the diabolical plan of Mr. Bocu.

Mr. Bocu is a small time crook, an ex-magician who ekes out a living as a gardener by day and a clown by night in the local amusement park. An ex-convict with a dark past, he is driven to desperation by his miserable existence and the bad influence of his concubine, Mrs. Gina. Mr. Bocu’s plan for escaping poverty is to kidnap the little girl and ask her wealthy parents for ransom.

During the last years, Mr. Bocu has developed an entire underground system in which the homeless kids wash car window screens or beg for money and he provides them with shelter and the daily meals that keep them alive, promising them a better future while exploiting them.

Although his plan works, as Sparky the dog and Ionut, a 6 years old little orphan boy, the two most innocent creatures he controls help, everything turns against him once he finds out that the night the parents left her home alone, they were involved in a tragic car accident. The father was killed on spot, the mother ended up in intensive care, only to die three days later: Mr. Bocu is left with nobody to pay the ransom.

Through the eyes of Maria, we now enter the underground society of the street kids, with their fantastic stories of survival. Although a miserable existence, the world becomes fascinating in the eyes of the kids. Their stories conclude in fantastic tales, which somehow all act like metaphors to the real world we are living in.

Unfortunately things turn bad when Bocu finds out about the accident. Desperate and running out of ideas, he locks the little girl up in the potato shack, leaving her to face hunger and the fear of dark. After two days when accidentally she learns about her parents’ death from a news paper laying around, she realizes there is no way out for her, so she decides to take fate in her own hands, and escapes from the potato shack where she’s been kept. She finds an old trap door under the pile of potatoes that takes her into the city’s sewers. Thinking that this is the path to freedom, she sets on her journey for finally discovering what pure parental love is really about.

As she journeys down the drain, she goes through hell and finally drowns. Once dead she ends up in a fantastic world shaped beautiful and weird in the same time all made up by her vivid childish imagination. This parallel dimension she arrives in, is based on her imagination interpreting the fairy tales she knows from the fairytales books she’s been read and the stories of the characters she meets through her journey.

In the real world, another story continues in parallel with Maria’s disappearance. Since both her father and mother were themselves orphans, the closest family she has are Ana and George, a newlywed couple who are expecting a baby. When the couple learns that Maria is missing, they get the police involved. Thus we meet another main character: Inspector Martan, the policeman trying to solve this puzzle.

Martan is a strange character with a complicated life story. Although an excellent inspector, he’s an alcoholic and an unconventional character whose job is his only fixation in life.

Martan eventually finds Bocu, only to realize that he’s too late - little Maria has already freed herself, and lost herself in the underground sewers.

Back at the main plot, Maria ends up meeting her mother and father in Paradise, after she travels into the other dimensions, where she faces her fears into the world of the Rat King and his armies, she satisfies her hunger from Ionut’s tale of the Three of Sandwiches, and finally learns what real love means by bringing together the souls of Ionut and his mother who meet in Heaven after Ionut dies defending Maria.

In the closing scene of the film, Martan finds Maria at the edge of the city, where the water from the sewers turns into mud. She looks dead. Through his eyes the audience takes the journey of an adult looking out to give his parental love to a child, just as through Maria’s eyes we take the journey of an innocent child finally looking for parental love, that mysteriously she finds into a stranger. As Martan finds the girl in the mud he gives her power and she comes back to life, enabling them both to meet their destiny - Martan now has the child he always wanted, and Maria has someone to raise her.

This film is a metaphor for the missing, abandoned, street children. For the end quote we end the film reading on black screen:

“In 2006 alone, 26,000 children were abandoned and/or institutionalized in Romania. Half of them end up on the streets, with probably fewer than that half surviving the first winter or other accidents till next year. This fact should concern not only Romania, but the entire world as well.

In October 2007 in Bucharest, a 12 year old boy committed suicide because his mother had to go to work in Italy. The child left a note to his mother before he died: Take care Mom’ Out there is a evil world!”

As mentioned above, the film is in the genre of "Pan's Labyrinth” and “The City of Lost Children”. A fairy tale with a sad ending, that is meant for an adult audience.

The screenplay was originally written in Romanian, and is currently being translated into English.. For its originality and reality impact is suggested that the film would be shot in the Romanian language, and will feature the following Romanian actors.

Maria: Catinca Untaru
Inspector Martan: Marcel Iures
Mrs. Bocu: Constantin Barbulescu
Mrs. Gina: Coca Bloos

In the world of Maria’s imagination and the images of Paradise, the film will feature several CGI sequences that will be particularly original and fascinating, as they will benefit from the originality of the Eastern European symbolist style.

Considering the recent success of Romanian cinema in international festivals, we believe that this story, as seen through the eyes of little Maria, will be an additional important contribution to the Romanian film industry..
Clouds Edge Studio ~ A Dreamscape (my dreams are holographic)

starts from a (familiar from other dreams) huge star base atelier (studio)where I am so impressed with its lighting and accouterments I am applying for a new position...I go into a waiting room... i see stardust on the table and draw with my finger...then my my interviewer appears...telepaths '"leave your portfolio behind you wont need it where we are going... we already know your gifts" she beckons to me... we pass through narrowing doorways to the threshhold spiralling staircase... then lithe white haired guidess leads me up through a the crystal spiraling "staircase" (I walk as she floats up alongside me glowing white and fuzzy haired). We arrive at the An even grander round 'crystalline' studio..she leads me to the centre ring we gaze over the edge of clouds looking down on Earth from far above (zooming in and out effortlessly to view humans, plants, cities oceans etc...) and as she opened her hand toward Earth she telepathed to me "this is the Ultimate Studio...You are A creator...This is Your Canvas...Your Medium is Water... I telepathed "watercolors?" ...Answer ...Oh yes, much more than ever before...You'll create with the Multispectral Magnetic Waters of the Universe...

Note...I couldnt get the representative image that goes with to upload...

This is a series of dreams i've written down and sketched images seen that are beginning to all fit together
My Idea for a Script.

I just read, The Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allen Poe.

The concept is that it is not a pit that he is in, but is in the Womb.
He is killed in the beginning of the story. Finds himself in a dark and rather dreary place and as he gets bigger he finds his Pit getting smaller.
It all fits, with a little bit of fiction and imagination on the part of the baby in the womb and then at the end he is born and sees the doctors and nurses and so on and from his reality, this is .............

Thats the idea. call me crazy but thats what I got from the book.

Ok !ok! How about a blockbuster! a remake of "When Worlds Collide!" Because what scientist just discovered, the billions of years ago a planet sized meteor collided with Earth...

I see it two ways....... One........ It happen billions of years ago.. A space ship was built to save our DNA....... Because it would take millons of years for the Earth to be cool enough for us to live on it again... Two..... it's going to happen again and wipe out all life on the Planet Earth! Who gets to go on the space ship!

I have an idea for a movie script. It has to do with a real life person I met in Bali who did a ponzi scam and took 27 million form innocent people. I knew him well because he lived in the same hotel as I did. I suspected he might be hiding from the law and told another friend staying in the same hotel so.

The FBI and Interpol spotted him in a taxi and followed him back to the hotel and took him from there to Guam and back to the USA. This happened in 2005 and he died in jail of cancer in 2007. Some of the people he scammed went broke and committed suicide. I think this is a timely story that needs to be told.

He actually tried to get me to invest in more then one fly by night company. I refused to invest and I am not at all wealthy.. I feel he was an compulsive crook if he felt the need to try and steal my money. We attended yoga class together often sharing a taxi. The day he was caught he had been looking for me to walk down the beach with him because he and another friend and I liked to take long walks around sunset. I ditched him that day because I was tired of his bullying about wanting me to invest with him. I am so thankful I was not in that taxi with him coming back from the a long walk!

I would love to have the movie not be a documentary but still have it be a true story. Interviews of some more of the people who knew him in Bali would add to the movie. The story of his house in Beverly Hills and other things about this person are interesting as well and the reason he told me he never wanted to return to the USA is rather strange too. It makes you wonder what makes a person like this tick and steal.. I have never written a script so might need help writing this story by someone with more experience. Normally I am an art department person.. set deco set dresser props.. but I do enjoy writing.
Just a pitch...

3 seconds witness

A mayor was killed. No one know who is responsible. An old blind man claimed that somehow he witness the incident for 3 seconds. And that was the first time he can see whit his own eyes. He was born blind.
I would like to see a dramatic and action packed re-write of "The Tailor of Panama" the original book was pretty and is very similar to Ian Flemming's James Bond...which most of those books were inspired and written on the Island of Jamaica; the script should include and perhaps introduce a James Bond Character type that is actually a minority for example: Latino, Afro-Latino, Asian-Latino in origin...and please don't fall for the easy stereo types in describing the Geographical region so that it will not be a spoof similar to Pierce Brosnan, Jaime Lee Curtis rendition.
Im a filmmaker with over 10 scripts, here are a few titles:

Time Slip - Children/Fantasy

A Milli - Urban/Action

Fight Music - Action/Sci-Fi

On Line With Love - Romantic Comedy

Dessert Justice - Western

After Five - Drama

To Kill For - Drama

Email if you like to take a read or I can send you a logline and synopsis... im also a filmmaker and have different projects in development with and with out distribution deals....

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