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It's called I Solemnly Swear. I wrote the story, but I do not have an ending to it. Here is the preface:

Your Honor, the question still remains unanswered!" The attorney turns and faces
towards the judge and looks to the defendant and addresses the
question again.
Airman First Class Bradshaw, isn't true that you had, or
still are having an affair
with Captain Richard Germane Clarrion?" Airman
Bradshaw looks into the Attorneys'
eyes heartlessly, and replies with fine
distinction to him, looking as though he is
not there, looking "right
through him." "No, it is not true that I had or am having
an affair with
Captain Clarrion." The attorney knows she is lying and he looks gazed.
"Airman Bradshaw you
did admit to the court earlier that you used to ..(In your words)
with Captain Clarrion. Now can we not assume that when a person screws with
a married man, whom she is not married to, this is an affair Airman
Bradshaw? Airman Bradshaw
looks at the jury scanning her eyes back and forth to
trying read their minds.
No, we cannot assume anything in law can we
attorney? The Attorney interrupts her,
Airman Bradshaw please answer the
question. Looking at the jury she begins
telling them her side of the story. When I
said we used to screw with each other,
I meant only that we used to screw
with each other. You see it's that easy nothing
to it. She then looks over
at the attorney who is addressing the question.
She sits there with a
slight smirk on her face that's placed slightly to the right.
With a pause in her breath, she adds, "You're familiar with that aren't you Attorney?"
He looks over at her with a stern look on his face. With a
slight chuckle in her voice
she continues, "I mean the screwing part?" The
Attorney looks at her and approaches
the witness stand and leans from his
waist down across the witness stand and whispers
loudly to her, "Airman,
this is a very serious matter, I do not suggest you take this
Leaning back over to him she says, "Who said I am taking this lightly?
There is no answer from the attorney. Softly she says to him while they are
face to face, Comfortable, isn't it. The attorney gets nervous
and shouts out to
the Judge, "Your Honor, no more questions!" Turning away
from her, he looks back at
his brief case on the table and starts heading
towards his table to sit down.
She sees Captain Clarrion sitting across from her at his attorney s table
and she gives
him a blank stare. She slowly uncrosses her legs to adjust
herself in the witness
chair. Captain Clarrion looks at her with moving his
eyes back and forth in a no
She smirks at him with a blank stare. She re-uncrosses her legs in the
opposite direction, adjusting herself again in the chair. The questioning attorney
is aware of what she is doing and catches on to her game very
quickly. He approaches
the witness stand to Airman Bradshaw and she opens
her legs a little wider for Captain
Clarrion to see up her skirt.
The Attorney asks her if there is anything else she
would like to share with
the court. Turning and facing the jury, the attorney stands
with his back
facing Melissa and looks back over his shoulder and asks, Airman Bradshaw,
is there is anything else you would like to share with the court?
Airman Bradshaw looks away from the microphone with her hand cupped over the top of
her lip and says to the attorney, There is not enough to go around,
The Judge asks her to speak up into the microphone and repeat
what she said to
the court. “Yes Sir, I stated to the Attorney...”
Attorney gets real nervous inside wondering if she will actually
state what
she said to the Judge and the court) She continues and faces the
looking at him with out expression,
“No, Your Honor .I have nothing else to
share with the court.”




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