Oldies Television

Jackie recalls his early days as a night club comic in Newark, NJ, Also:
Jackie talks candidly about his Tony Galante caper, career, success. (DuMont)
*The Honeymooners From Miami on OTV 30, Marciano v Wolcott on OTV 64
video stream channel 2 JAMES DEAN: TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND (1952-57)
James Dean's rebellious & romantic best performance w/Natalie Wood (MGM)
James' Emmy TV Drama +James' final TV appearance w/Gig Young (DuMont)
days after Dean filmed the talk on safe driving, he was killed in a collision 
video stream channel 3 ELVIS SINGS THE WONDER OF YOU (1969)
The King lives here! His performance from "Elvis: That's The Way It Is"
Recorded winter of 1969 & aired nationally only twice in 1970. (NBC)
More Elvis on our Classic Oldies Video Juke Box below!
video stream channel 4 COMMEMORATING ELVIS PRESLEY: THE KING OF ROCK & ROLL (1959-62)
Clips of The King from his early days to induction into the Army; mom, dad, the Col.
Hear Elvis' first #1 1957 hit for RCA, Heartbreak Hotel. (Movietone clips)
video stream channel 5 THE EDSEL TV PROMOTIONS (1957-58)
Here is a compilation of several films introducing. promoting two years of Edsels
Ford canned the car shortly after; it is today a revered automotive classic
Bonus Feature: Frank's Classic Cars ~ 50's Jaguar, Nash Rambler, Bentley, Volks
video stream channel 6 BOBBY DARIN'S NETWORK TV SHOW: "MACK THE KNIFE" (1959)
Bobby opened his first of hour variety shows performing his biggest #1 hit.
(and his label, Atco, didn't want him to record it!) Darin at his best. (CBS)
...more Bobby below: hosting a beauty contest!
video stream channel 7 VIDEO'S GROWING YEARS" (1928-1952)
Show the kids hi-tech video before anyone heard of digital, fiber optic, or HDTV,
Westinghouse touts 1951 "1-Knob-Built-in-Antenna TV " This was the Edsel of TV
+ "Mr. Wizard," Don Herbert, demonstrate the evolution of TV 1928 -52 for GE
video stream channel 8 two full episodes!  THE LIFE OF RILEY (1954)
stars William Bendix, Marjorie Reynolds, Tom D'andrea, Lugene Sanders, and
Wesley Morgan; considered to be one of the most underestimated 50s sitcom.
Role prior to Groucho, Gleason, Bendix's Riley was definitive blue collar family guy.
Watch "Riley's Last Will" & "Mobster For Babs" +Riley Gulf Oil Commercial.(CBS) 
video stream channel 9 ICONS: STARS WHO MADE 50'S TV THE GOLDEN YEARS ((1952-60)
Art Carney, Rod Serling, Ted Mack, Annette & Frankie, Don Adams, Madge.
John Banner (mislabeled as Werner Klemperer blooper),
Mack's Original Amateur Hour debuted Sinatra, Connie Francis, Pat Boone.
video stream channel 10 THE SINGING RAGE: MISS PATTI PAGE SHOW (1958)
The Sonsgstress Of Class sings the immortal Tennessee Waltz.
Video 2: Patti croons over the "Doggie In The Window." (synd)
video stream channel 11 full episode GREEN ACRES (1965)
Stars Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor in their endearingly popular corncob sitcom.
Episode: to Oliver's dismay, Lisa opens up a "cultural beauty parlor" in Hooterville.
A spinoff of Petticoat Junction,'..Acres' outran it's better critic reviewed parent.(CBS)
video stream channel 12 uncut! THE CENSORED JERRY LEE LEWIS (1957-59)
Great Balls Of Fire! The' "Killer" smooches child bride cousin on a TV news interview
On stage, his wild performance= today's punk rockers. Networks nixed both.(UPI)
+Jerry's torrid "Make-Up" UK/Canada Concert, "What'd I Say," 2 other songs (BBC)
video stream channel 13 TV Debut: THE DEL VIKINGS "JITTERBUG MARY" (1958)
The Del Vikings perform their first '45 on the Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Show 
Oldies Television salutes group armony~more Doo Wop videos, Don. K. Reed,
On Doo Wop Boulevard ch 81 & The Classic Oldies Video Jukebox below
video stream channel 14 the original FAMILY AFFAIR (1966)
Brian Keith & Sebastian Cabot star in the beloved sitcoms of all time 
An affluent bachelor & his butler gain custody of adorable nieces & nephew 
Episode: Uncle Bill uses his resources to get Buffy accepted into snooty circle. (CBS)
video stream channel 15 ALAN FREED'S SHOW DANCERS & PAYOLA DEFENSE (1959)
Local NYC Ch. 5 Freed show regulars dance, Alan Freed's parting Payola statement
Some of our NY area viewers recognized themselves dancing at the ch 5 studios!
Watch Alan Freed's movie musical Johnny B Goode at our Oldies Drive-in (below)
video stream channel 16 STEVE ALLEN'S SPIN ON BE BOP A LULA (1957)
Steverino's classic poetic hate reading of Gene Vincent's Rockabilly hit (NBC) 
Allen hated R&R, but relented & booked rock acts on his show to get edge on Sullivan
Long before Benny Hill, Ernie Kovacs was the true inventor TV skit eye candy.
Kovac's vignettes could have been taped yesterday~still look contemporary.
Video #2: The Nairobi Trio which has become a comedy classic (ABC).
video stream channel 18 Full ProgramTHE RED SKELTON SHOW (1959)
Red as Clem Kaddlehoffer attends a scam college to become a dentist
With Reed Haley & Marvin Kaplan as the faux diploma mill operators
"Redettes" Dancers, Red's monolog, Red of course giggling at his own jokes.(CBS)
video stream channel 19 full episode  MR. ED (1962)
A horse is a horse of course! Alan Young, Connie Hines star,Les Hilton as Ed's voice.
In this 2nd season opener, Clint Eastwood goes after Wilbur for invading his turf,
Mr. Ed won't talk to anyone but Wilbur, but comes to his owner's defense! (CBS)
video stream channel 20 full episode FATHER KNOWS BEST (1953)
The definitive family sitcom starring Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue,
Billy Gray, Lauren Chapin. Dad & Mom referee a feud between Kathy & Betty 
over a swimsuit, but Kitten's fury has deeper ramifications (CBS)
video stream channel 21 full episode SEA HUNT (1957)
The "Dragnet" of the ocean floor, Lloyd Bridges fights underwater crime
with a snorkel. This syndicated show was high tide with viewers. (ZIV)
video stream channel 22 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST BOB MATTHIAS (1956)
1952 Triathalon Olympian Champ discusses the games & movie debut with .
Herb Sheldon who hosted shows from talk to dance to Ricky Tick Piano (DuMont)
video stream channel 23 DANCES OF THE 1950's: THE HAND JIVE (1957)
Herb Sheldon's dancing Teens do their spin Johnnie Otis' "Willie & The Hand Jive,"
Then also watch Johnnie Otis' original performance of his "Hand Jive." (Dumont/RKO)
video stream channel 24 GROUCHO MARX YOU BET YOUR LIFE (1959)
Contestants: 11 year old Candice Bergen with dad, Edgar sans Charlie Mc Carthy,
& Groucho's daughter,Melinda. Are the dads smarter than their 6th graders?(NBC)
video stream channel 25 the definitive DRAGNET(1959)
Grandaddy of TV cop shows, created/directed by & stars Jack Webb as Sgt.Joe Friday, 
Ben Alexander as Off. Frank Smith. Cliff Arquette as wannabe murder witness
While many actors played Webb's partner, Ben Alexander years were classic (NBC)
video stream channel 26 THE MUSICAL COMEDY GENIUS OF VICTOR BORGE (1951)
Victor performs a new twist to Listz~it is classic Borge, musical & comedy genius.
Victor Borge's precision piano and satiric talent are as natural as his warmth. (CBS)
video stream channel 27 EDDIE FISHER SINGS A MEDLEY OF HIS BIGGEST HITS (1953)
Eddie croons I'm Walking Behind You, Anytime, With These Hands, Oh My Papa 
Like era crooners Fisher got 15 minutes weekly to enthrall his swooning fans.(NBC)
video stream channel 28 ED SULLIVAN'S ALL TIME TOP 10 MUSICAL GUESTS (1950-1972)
Sullivan played host to every musical performance from Bach to Rock.
Find out which were his top ten attractions of over two decades (CBS)
video stream channel 29 DANCES OF THE 1950's THE JITTERBUG (1950-57) 
It started with 40's swing & became most popular moves on 50s teen dance shows
First, dancers demonstrate the original jive jitterbug to The Dovells' "Jitterbug." cut.
then dancers show the rockabilly jbug to Hen Gates & The Gators' "Rock Rock Rock"
video stream channel 30. THE HONEYMOONERS FROM MIAMI, IN COLOR! (1969)
Ralph & Ed are jailed in Paris, their escape plan backfire with hilarious results.
Jackie wanted the show taped in Miami, Meadows & Randolph nixed moving.
Shiela Macrae & Jane Kean played Alice & Trixie; originals returned in 80s. (CBS)
video stream channel 31 THE ORIGINAL FLASH GORDON SERIAL (theatres-1939; TV-1960's)
Before oldies concerts, PBS used Flash Gordon cinema serials to rattle the tin cup.
Buster Crabbe debuted Flash Gordon vs. evil Ming The Merciless~Charles Middleton.
video stream channel 32 Full Episode THE LONE RANGER 1955
Starring masked Clayton Moore, it was at the time the top rated TV series oater
Watch the debut pilot episode; from there the series went Hi, Ho Silver, Away!
video stream channel 33 THE ENDEARING GRIMACES OF EDDIE CANTOR (1952)
From the "lost" Colegate Comedy Hour kinescopes (off screen made film copies)
Eddie Cantor pantomines a sketch as the hapless victim of a seductive vixen. (NBC)
Long before his network show Bobby's first TV gig: hosting a beauty pageant
what a disaster! The contestant names are in wrong order on the cue cards (DuMont)
video stream channel 35 DANCES OF THE 50's: THE LINDY HOP (1954)
Sheree North, Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin swing and bop the lindy hop!
Segment from The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Variety Show (NBC)
video stream channel 36 Full Episode THE GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN SHOW (1953)
George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bea Bearnedette, Fred Clark, Harry Von Zell
Gracie's crazy whims get George, Von Zell and Harry Morton arrested! (CBS)
Can you guess how many actors played Harry Morton before & after Clark?;
video stream channel 37. THE DANNY THOMAS SHOW: MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY (1958)
co-stars Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hammer, Angela Cartright; Jane Withers
Kids wreak havoc on dad, mom~divide & conquer +Danny's stand-up comedy. (CBS)
Please support 
St. Jude's Children's Hospital founded by Danny.
b Please help save children with cancer by clicking link above or banner on video page.
video stream channel  38 SID CAESAR'S YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS (1952-57)
Legendary pre-SNL skit comedy, co-stars Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howie Morris
Sketches: "Flippity" (musical spoof, 1955), "Sicillian Marriage Contract" (skit, 1957)
a hilarious "This Is Your Life" parody (1952). Woody Allen co-wrote most skits. (CBS)
video stream channel 39 THOSE NOTORIOUS COMMERCIALS FROM THE 50's (1950-1961)
The rhythmic percolator, a couple put in a rentsl car via air,
and other classic TV commercials from Video Rewind
video stream channel 40 THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (1954)
After TV animation, came a live Superman series starring George Reeves
Lois (Noel Neill) is abducted by ruthless gangsters, Superman sans Clark Kent
\ saves the damsel in distress. Another Job For Superman! (CBS)
video stream channel 41 full episode THE ADVENTURES OF FLIPPER (1964)
Let's forego killer sharks and go back to the beloved, adorable hero dolphin.
Each week this amazing mammal fascinated kids and adults by solving mysteries!
video stream channel 42 SPIKE JONES: COCKTAILS FOR TWO (1951)
Spike & the gang of hilarious musical zanies perform their signature blowout!
As you see this wild musical circus, note Spike Jones choreographed it all (DuMont)
video stream channel 43 CAPTAIN VIDEO & HIS VIDEO RANGERS (1950)
Long before Kirk, there was Captain Video chasing those bad guys around the galaxy.
Star Trek of it's time, network directors made the same cancel blunder. (DuMont)
video stream channel 44. THE ELEGANT STYLE OF LIBERACE (1952)
Liberace brought style to candlelight piano music, with brother George on violin.
This captures the musical heart and soul of the flamboyant pianist. (DuMont)
video stream channel 45 MEDIC (1954)
The first, still best medical drama series, Richard Boone hosts as Konrad Steiner MD.
Still as relevant today: up and coming boxer is befelled by Diabetes. (NBC)
video stream channel 46 full episode THE BIG VALLEY (1965)
An outstanding Western series with Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans
Episode: Local town fanatics threaten to blow up the Bartley Mine (NBC)
video stream channel 47 A TRIBUTE TO THE ROOTS OF TV BASEBALL (1950-57)
Baseball's early years: Jackie Robinson~Joe Di Maggio~Yogi Barra
Plus Baseball's Greatest Awards. Can these achievemnts ever be surpassed?
Great newsreel, TV sports nostalgic memories. (Movietone/WPIX)
video stream channel 48 full episode Mc HALE'S NAVY (1962)
Before Korman, Tim Conway was sidekick to Ernest Borgnine on this naval sitcom
Tim falls (literally) for a Lt. Commander Nurse at the dining table. (NBC)
video stream channel 49 clips HOPALONG CASSIDY (1952)
Saturday afternoon TV Western staple stars William Boyd as frontier vigilante Hoppy.
Of the many Saturday TV matinee oaters, this ranked #2 in ratings (syndicated)
video stream channel 50 the original DARK SHADOWS (1966)
First Weekday afternoon TV gothic drama, Jonathan Frid as Vampyr Barnabas Collins
For a time, this Dan Curtis breakthrough out-ranked established soaps in ratings.
Come back to Collinsport as Barnabas takes his bride, Carolyn (Nancy Barett) (ABC)
video stream channel 51 FUN FADS OF THE 50s & 60s 
Hula Hoop, Twist, Palisades Park Bikini Fest, Rock-Ola Juke, Ford Thunderbird,
set to the music of The Olympics' "Dance By The Light Of The Moon" What a gas!
video stream channel 52 A TRIBUTE TO AMOS & ANDY (1952)
Despite it's high ratings, CBS cancelled the show suddenly without giving a reason.
It's comedic merit equalled "The Honeymooners" and here is a profile & samplings;
Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams, Nipsey Russell add insightful commentary.
Amos & Andy the series stars Tim Moore, Spencer Williams jr. (CBS)
video stream channel 53 full episode THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (1962)
Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore with guest Bob Crane ("Hogan's Heros")
Dick is directs local Stage play, Mary sings & dances Calypso! Ohhh, Rob! (CBS)
video stream channel 54 THE BEATLES' FIRST TELEVISION APPEARANCE (1963)
The Fab Four debuted "She Loves You" On The Mersey Sound in the UK (BBC)
*More Beatles, British Invasion on the Classic Oldies Video Juke Box below
video stream channel 55 full episode BAT MASTERSON (1958)
Gene Barry stars as debonair wild west lawman, Bat Masterson.
Episode: "Blood On The Money," Bat fights rustlers over casino money.(NBC)
video stream channel 56 MARTY ROBBINS ON THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW (1964)
Holiday Inn syndied shows for Dolly Parton, Bobby Vinton & Marty Robbins
Before his own show aired, Marty debuted "El Paso" on Johnny Cash's series
*Johnny Cash performs two hits on the Classic Oldies Video Juke Box
video stream channel 57 THE FRANK SINATRA SHOW (1959)
One hour Frank Sinatra special with guest Ella Fitzgerald
+a candid interview with "Ol Blue Eyes" & his favorite movie role (NBC)
video stream channel 58 PASSWORD (1962)
Allen Ludden hosted this popular game show 1962 to 1971 on all 3 networks
Celebrity players include Carol Burnett & Gary Moore. (episode first aired on CBS)
video stream channel 59 full episode MAN AGAINST CRIME (1952)
Ralph Bellamy stars as tough crime fighter Mike Barnett smoking Camels.
Episode: Barnett comes to the aid of a haunted Damsel In Distress. (DuMont)
video stream channel 60 TED STEELE'S BANDSTAND (1956)
Who introduced Hillbilly Rockers Bill Haley & The Comets to metropolitan New York?
No, not Alan Freed, Clay Cole or Dick Clark, It was lesser known Ted Steele.(RKO)
Poor Westinghouse. If their 1-knob TV fiasco wasn't enough, came this chagrin
the automatic referigerator door that jammed on a live national television. (CBS)
video stream channel 62 ARTHUR GODFREY: HIS WAY OR NO WAY (1952)
He ridiculed sponsors, fired staff on air, fixed talent contests.
Yet, he still garnered big ratings, got big share of network's stock & plays uke.(CBS)
video stream channel 63 BUILDING DODGE CARS 1956-58: INSIDE THE FACTORY
An automotive retrospect! A TV promo goes inside the Dodge automotive plant.
+a gallery of Classic Cars including Jaguar, Porter, Nash-Rambler, Packard & more!
video stream channel 64 Boxing Classic ROCKY MARCIANO v JERSEY JOE WALCOTT (1952)
The historic championship boxing match in Phillie September 12, 1952
See that boffo KO comeback in the 13th round~this is the true Rocky. (DuMont).
video stream channel 65 THE SMALL SCREEN'S BIGGER THAN LIFE ICONS (1952-59)
Nixon's '54 scandal, Dukes PSA, Marilyn's Motor Oil, Jimmy Durante's Schnoz,
Jack Benny & Dennis Day, Laurel & Hardy, Jackie & Art's "Hello, Ball!"
video stream channel 66 full episode ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (1959)
"Good evening," then the thriller from the Master Of Suspense, Alfred Hitchccock
His big screen flix had us on seat edges, he brought same to small screens (NBC).
video stream channel 67 THE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE BEFORE TODAY'S "SNL" (1954-58)
All Broadcast Live Sat Eves: The Bob Hope Show, The Ken Murray Show,
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Steve Allen, Pat Harrington, Jackie Gleason Show
Watch many surprises with shows' regulars & guests. (ABC-CBS-DuMont-NBC).
video stream channel 68 THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW (1962)
Judy Garland with guests Barbara Streisand and Ethel Merman. What else to say?
One of television's greatest events ever and still a goldmine today (CBS)
video stream channel 69 THE DONNA REED SHOW: 'JOHNNY ANGEL' DEBUTS (1958)
Donna mugs nervously when daughter, Mary (Shelley Fabares) sings at a dance.
Dad (Carl Betz) beams proudly; it's Shelleys new single, Johnny Angel! (NBC)
video stream channel 70 full episode THE GOLDBERGS (1955=5)
Gertrude Berg created the show first on radio,, served as creator,, writer & star
of the sitcom focusing on matriarch (Molly) of a struggling middle class Jewish family
Co-stars Robert H. Harris, Arlene Mc Quabe, Eli Mintz. (synd.)
video stream channel 71 LUCILLE BALL & CAROL BURNETT (1965)
Two queens of comedy together, Gale Gordon as straight man on "The Lucy Show".
Lucy wants to join Carol on a trip to Florida, they scheme to fool Boss Mooney. (CBS)
video stream channel 72 full episode I SPY (1965)
Robert Culp and Bill Cosby teamed up to combat espionage in this top rated series.
In the pilot, the duo must save an expatriate from execution by enemy agents (CBS)
video stream channel 73 full episode  HIGHWAY PATROL (1956)
Stars Broderick Crawford as State Police Chief Dan Matthews.
Episode: "Dead Patrolman." (MGM)
video stream channel 74 THE LEGENDARY MARILYN MONROE (Documentary)
TV and Hollywood remembers the legend of the underestimated actor
Her life, career and tragic, mysterious death at the young age of 32.
Marylin's newsreels, biography, celebrity commentary. Host: John Huston (MGM)
video stream channel 75 full episode ETHEL WATERS AS BEULAH (1951)
Long before The Jeffersons and Sanford & Son even before Amos & Andy on TV.
there was the Ethel Waters as supermaid Beaulah & Butterfly Mc Queen as Orio
Proctor & Gamble canceled the highly rated, show after only two seasons. (CBS)
video stream channel 76 full episode BEWITCHED (1966)
Wriggle your nose, it's Elizabeth Montgomery as that saucy, sassy witch
Dick York as befuddled hub, Darren, or as Agnes Moorehead said,"Durwood" (NBC)
video stream channel 77 full episode I DREAM OF JEANIE (1966)
Out of the bottle comes that ravishingly capricious Jeanie, Barbara Eden
Larry Hagman is her adopted master, Bill Daly is the bewildered buddy (CBS).
video stream channel 78 full episode LASSIE 1954
Aww, no one could resist that Sunday night lovable and courageous collie!
This holiday season episode co-starred humans Tommy Rettig & Jan Clayton (CBS)
video stream channel 79 full episode! SKYKING (1951)
Kirby Grant stars as Sky King~aviation stories western style Gloria Winters co-stars.
The show's unique blue sky and dusty trail hybrid made it a cult following (NBC)
video stream channel 80 THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (1957)
Guest sMickey Rooney, Arnold Stang; Berle's swan song after 8 Tues. Nite Years.
Bit: Berle wants Gleason like publicity, so he feigns a broken leg for press (NBC)
video stream channel 81 DOO WOP BOULEVARD: 50s-60s STREET CORNER HARMONY 
Remembering Sunday Night Doo Wop Radio and the groups the listeners requeste:
Host: "Doo Wop Shop's" Don K. Reed, performing: Crests, Frankie Lymon, Jive Five.
Other Video Performances: Randy & The Rainbows "Denise Denise," Coasters
Plus our exclusive 
Radio Doo Wop DJ hosted web radio show on demand!
Gus Gossett named it Doo Wop, group harmony that will never die. It's here for you
video stream channel 82 MIKE WALLACE & EDWARD R. MURROW (1952-54)
If you thought Mike Wallace was tough on 60 Minutes, wait 'til you see him here.
You won't believe what he said to Steve Allen, but Kirk Douglas got his retort.
+Edward R. Murrow, Sen. Joseph McCarthy go at name calling each other.(CBS)
video stream channel 83 full episode HIGH CHAPPARAL (1954)
Lief Erickson & Cameron Mitchell star in a Tex-Mex western that holds no punches
Joseph Pevney (Star Trek) directed conflicts between Rednecks, Apaches (CBS)
video stream channel 84 two full episodes ONE STEP BEYOND (1957, 1962)
"The Twilight Zone" mimic? No~John Newland started UK filming a year before!
Episode 1 The Burning gives whole new meaning to the phrase "Hot Chic!" 
Episode 2 The Clown starring the surreal dark side of Carnies
video stream channel 85 THE TONIGHT SHOW starring JOHNNY CARSON (1963)
Heeerrre's Johnny! Guest Don Rickles whoops it up with Johnny in a Japanese spa
There were many "Tonight Show" hosts, none knew their audience like Carson (NBC)
video stream channel 86 full episode OUR MISS BROOKS (1952)
Eve Arden and Gale Gordon starin this sitcom set in a not so typical high school.
Brooks falls for colleague Boynton, but off the roof of the building? (Synd)
video stream channel 87 full episode VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (1962)
Richard Basehart is the captain of the submarine...the Capt Kirk of the sea,
The crew must infiltrate a spy network to save a kidnapped scientist (synd)
video stream channel 88 full episode DEATH VALLEY DAYS (1954)
This series bought to oats the heretofore drama only anthology format
David Janssen plays a con artist saving a frontier town from corrupt politicians
video stream channel 89 the original HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1965)
Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson, Eva Gabor, Tony Randall join Paul Lynde
The classic Squares hosted by the most personable Peter Marshall (synd)
video stream channel 90 full episode BETTY WHITE: DATE WITH THE ANGELS 1952
Before MTM, Golden Girls, Hot In Cleveland, Betty White scored with this sitcom
Co-stars included Bill Williams and Nancy Kulp (Beverly Hillbillies) (CBS)
video stream channel 91 POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN VS. SINBAD (1950)
Popeye, Olive Oil, and Wimpy meet Sinbad who bears a strange resemblance to Bluto
Enjoy Max Fleischer's classic seaman in animated venue not for small children.
video stream channel 92 I MARRIED JOAN (1952)
Tagged as the "Queen Of Comedy," Joan Davis stars with Jim Backus in the sitcom
Joan falls for a movie casting scam and does a screen test with a monkey. (NBC)
video stream channel 93 full episode THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE (1955)
Jackie Coope heads the sitcom with Patricia Breslin as fiance Mandy Peoples
Socrates Miller (Cooper) in doghouse with talking dog Cleo for ignoring beau (NBC)
video stream channel 94 full episode MY LITTLE MARGIE (1954)
Charles Farrel as Vern Albright was single father to Margie, played by Gale Storm
in this ahpopular sitcom. Margie creates havoc even when she sleeps! (CBS)
video stream channel 95 full episode ANNIE OAKLEY (1954)
Gail Davis as the legendary woman gunslinger (and single mom), Annie Oakley
A masked gunman steals Annie's charity money ~ but Annie's got her gun! (synd.)
video stream channel 96 THE BO DIDDLEY REVUE (1965)
The legendary Bo Diddley brought the house down with his dynamic performance on
the prime time TV show, "Shindig"~notes by Bo's historian David Blakely (ABC)
video stream channel 97 full episode THE RIFLEMAN (1958)
Chuck Connors stars as sharpshooter Lucas McCain out in the wild west.
A crazed frontiersman kidnaps Lucas' son to lure The Rifleman to a shootout.(synd.)
video stream channel 98 full episode TOPPER (1952)
Leo G. Carroll, Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, Lee Patrick, Kathleen Freeman
Banker Cosmo Topper has his refined life turned topsy turvy by two sensual ghosts.
George & Marion Kirby (the ghosts) help Topper get rid of unwanted guests (CBS)
video stream channel 99 Full Episode THE ROY ROGERS-DALE EVANS SHOW (1954)
Happy Trails! Roy Rogers and wife Dale Evans star in this endearing TV western
Roy and Dale intercede in a deadly battle between landowners & ranchers. (synd)
video stream channel 100 THE LES PAUL & MARY FORD SHOW (1957)
Les Paul, the guitarist and father of of multi-track recording and his wife, Mary Ford
teamed also for numerous hit recordings & TV. Their musical blend is classic music
Enjoy the memorable duo at their best from one of their weekly network shows (NBC)
video stream channel 101 full episode BORIS KARLOFF'S THRILLER (1960)
John Newland (One Step Beyond) starred in/directed this "Thriller" saga.
Boris Karloff sets the stage for a haunted estate with an evil sorcerer spirits. (NBC)
video stream channel 102 full episode THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1964)
Morticia, Gomez & Uncle Fester try to mend Aunt Ophelia's broken heart.
John Astin, Carolyn Jones, Ted Cassidy, Lisa Loring (NBC) 
video stream channel 103 REMEMBERING BELA LUGOSI (1960)
You remember Bela as Dracula, Chandu and as, portrayed in Ed Wood...
How about romacing a young girl & doing an infomercial for Evolution Master?
video stream channel 104 THE PERRY COMO SHOW 1962
From his long running Saturday night weekly show, 
Perry sings & dances to his hit, 'Papa Loves Mambo'
with The Modernaires, orchestra and chorus. Remember great television (NBC) 
video stream channel 105 full episode MAMA (I REMEMBER MAMA) 1949
Emmy Award winning TV drama based on the book by Barbara Bel Gaddis
Stars Peggy Wood as matriarch of a Norwegian family in San Francisco (CBS)
video stream channel 106 full episode IRONSIDE 1967
Raymond Burr plays a tough, wheelchair bound San Francisco detective
In this chilling tale. Ironside must stop a strangler preying on elderly women (NBC)
video stream channel 107 full episode THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET 1957
The musical Nelson family, Ozzie, Harriet, David & Ricky, in their TVsitcom
This episode titled "A Day In Bed" finds Ozzie's lazy streak (ABC)
t made them famous (NBC/UNIVERSAL-MOTOWN)
video stream channel 108 hour episode GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 1978
starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jim Backus, Natalie Schaefer.
This episode titled "Rescue From Gilligan's Island" parts 1&2 (NBC)
video stream channel 109 full episode NANNY & THE PROFESSOR 1969
starring Juliet Mills and Richard Long. A psychic from the UK
perceives an American bachelor needs a Nanny, she. (ABC)
video stream channel 110 full episode THE AMAZING KRESKIN 1972
Psychic/Mentalist Kreskin performs mind power feats with his audience
and guest, actress/model Arlene Dahl (Synd.)
video stream channel 111 full episode PEOPLE ARE FUNNY 1955
TV's very first "reality show," more fidelity to format, hosted by Art Linkletter
Amiable Linkletter kidnaps a house & plays cupid to unknowing couple. (CBS)
video stream channel 112 THE TOP TEN COMEDY TEAMS OF ALL TIME 1955-present
Lucy & Desi? Abbott & Costello? Cheech & Chong? The other 7?
Do you agree with the Mojo picks at all? Check it out.. (MOJO/DM)

50s children's shows banner
With the earliest TV production and animation techniques, these popular programs
were the 50s father of children's television, long before PBS and Nickelodeon
HOWDY DOODY segments: the first & last pioneer kidvid network show (NBC.1951-57)
WINKY DINK & YOU hosted by crayonmaster to quizmaster Jack Barry (CBS, 1952)
PAUL WINCHEL-JERRY MAHONEY Ventriloquist extrodinaire (CBS, 1957) 
JUNIOR FROLICS hosts in various areas brought to TV Farmer Gray 30's toons (1952-56)
SPACE PATROL not bad Sat AM sci-fi aimed at teeny weeny pre-trekkies (synd, 1952)
THE BIG TOP Claude Kirscheners kidTV circus complete with clown & showgirl (CBS, 1952)
WILLIE WONDERFUL Sat AM puppet show that asks the question...Huh? (synd., 1952)
FELIX THE CAT video's first screen star in 1928, endeared ever thereafter
THE LITTLE RASCALS '39 Our Gang shorts syndicated to 50's Saturday morning TV.
HERE COMES TOBOR Before Captain Video, DuMont made the robot a galactic hero.
LOST IN SPACE Danger Will Robinson! The 60's weird sci fi & Dr. Smith is back!.
ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGERS Kids watched the galaxy fights, dads eyed Vena!.
KUKLA, FRAN & OLLIE Burr Tillstrom's "Kuklapolitans" were first Mon-Fri network puppets.
THE PINKY LEE SHOW Pinky knocked himself, once literally, to put on a lively show.
Coming: Commander Cody's Lost Adventures, Captain Z Ro, Underwater...

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