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Date: 09/26/2010
Station Name: Vuolo Video Radio LTD
Area City: All Points in Michigan / USA
Air Time: 11:AM - Midnight
Station Address 30860 Palmer Dr, Novi MI 48377

Maples of Novi, corner of Tangelwood
Emergency Backup Number: (248) 926-1234 On Air Time Slot: All Day and All Night Long Frequency Beam from Marti: FM102.3 on your dial to Arts Radio Station Control Center
Optional if You Want: Bring a Dish to Pass for all the Hungry Board Ops
Station Goes Dark Nightly at: Midnight
Last Night:
THE 2010 MOTOR CITY RADIO REUNION, September 25, 2010, Sold out! Crowne Plaza Hotel 27000 Sheraton Drive Novi, Michigan 48377
The 2010 Motor City Radio Reunion!
The Media Event of the Year
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND….last night THE must attend media event of this year 2010 -
The 2010 Motor City Radio Reunion!

! The crew who organized the last such gathering in 2005 re-assembled for ANOTHER Motor City Radio Reunion last night Saturday September 25th. The venue will be the magnificent Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Detroit suburb of Novi, MI.
A number of significant milestones are occurring this year. At the 2010 Detroit Radio Reunion, we plan to honor some legendary Detroit radio personalities: Dick Purtan, for his 45 years of entertaining us at WKNR, WXYZ, CKLW, WCZY/WKQI and WOMC. Specs Howard, for his 40 years of running the famed school that bears his name in Southfield. Sonny Eliot, who turns 90 this year, and is still doing the weather (in studio) on WWJ, which celebrates 90 years of broadcasting on August 20th as the first radio station on the air in the USA! And, of course, the beloved Ernie Harwell, voice of the Detroit Tigers 1960—2002.
Reports are also circulating of a WSHJ-FM reunion of alumni from the famous Southfield High School station at 88.3 which launched a plethora of big names in radio including; Pat St. John and Doug Banks! We’ve heard that gathering will be slated for Friday night the 24th so WSHJ staffers coming in for the Radio Reunion can attend both events! In a tight economy, it makes sense to schedule such gatherings on the same weekend so attendees only have to make one trip instead of two.
The last Radio Reunion was held in September of 2005, and drew over 300, but, a number of people missed it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was Hurricane Rita headed for the Texas coast-line. This year, despite predictions by The Weather Channel, we are hoping for good conditions and a great chance for hundreds of radio folks to come together for another “group hug.” Sadly, according to our records, we’ve lost over thirty more of our friends since the last Reunion. So, we thought we’d better hurry.
Since there is never enough time to visit at such affairs, an after-glow Open House and birthday party is being planned by Art for the day after. It will run on Sunday from 11 a.m. till the last person leaves! So things should be hopping Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those flying in from out of state, will want to book their return flight as late (Sunday night) as possible...or better yet, on Monday. It will be a tri-fecta weekend for everyone! Please spread the word, via phone, e-mail, regular mail, face book, twitter or smoke signals to anyone you feel should be at this event!
by Millie Felch-Coffey & Art Vuolo
During the Christmas/Channukah holidays back in 1987, a group of former record and radio friends got together at Millie's house to celebrate the holidays.
One thing led to another and the idea of a "Radio and Record" reunion came up. We all decided that we needed to put together a party that would include Detroit's rich musical heritage and also include anyone and everyone who had worked in the music and radio business in Detroit.... including disc jockeys, news people, record company execs, promotion personnel, record producers, recording artists, newspaper media writers, and even a few television personalities. Many of the local TV folks had their career start in radio.
So, from what was going to be a simple backyard BBQ in 1988 developed very quickly into a massive gathering of over 400 people on May 7th of that year and the reunion took place at the Michigan Inn, on a Saturday night and was talked about for many months after. Our special attendee was the legendary Casey Kasem who got his start in radio at Detroit's WJBK and WJLB. Dick Purtan had lots of attendees join him on the air at WCZY (Z-95.5) for eight hours prior to the event! In the hotel lobby, prior to the start Hank O'Neal was interviewing guests live on Honey Radio WHND-AM 560.
After ten years passed, there was a major "out-cry" for a repeat performance. That reunion was held on April 25, 1998 at the Hilton Hotel in Novi. Guests of honor included: Soupy Sales and Dick Osgood, who was celebrating his 97th birthday! It was another packed house and attendees were visiting in the hotel lobby until the wee-hours of the morning. Also, that year, WOMC, WNIC and WCSX hosted many of those who attended...on the air!
It was obvious that we could not wait another ten years before doing it again. So, on September 26th of 2005 we returned to "the scene of the crime" but the hotel had wisely changed its name (to protect itself) and was now The Novi Sheraton. For an amazing third time, Detroit's beloved personality, Dick Purtan agreed to MC the event. Casey Kasem, who has made each reunion, judged another "sound-alike" contest and special guests included Irving Neusbaum of New York Carpet World fame and Mr. Belvedere! The on-air special was at WOMC and hosted by Detroit native and NYC icon Pat St. John.
People began asking about another reunion as soon as one year after the 2005 event, which was billed as the Last Radio Reunion. Because a number of people missed that one, here we go again!
Wendy Aaron WSHJ WDBM MSU Talent
John Abate
Lee Abrams WRIF Programming
Jerry Adams Harmony House Music Music
Larry Adderley WWJ WCZY WOMC WXYZ Ch. 7 Sports
Lee Alan WXYZ Talent
James Albee Community Media Network Production Coordinator
Mitch Albom WJR Talent
Don Alcorn WHFI / CKLW Talent
Barney Ales Records & Music Music
James Alexander WJLB / WCHB Management
Joel Alexander Metro Traffic / WJR / WXYZ-TV Talent
Jeff Allen Records & Music Music
Bob Allison Ask Your Neighbor / WEXL / WWJ / WNZK Talent
Rob Allison WNZK Sales
Alan Almond WNIC Talent
Amy Andrews (Doc's Wife) WOMC Talent
Jack Ashton
Catherine Astalos Premiere Radio Networks
Michael Austerman Writer
Joe Bacarella, Sr. WXYZ Management
Jay Bacchus
William Bailey WDRQ / WGVU-AM / NPR Radio Talent
John Bailey WWJ Metro Traffic Talent
Elaine Baker WOMC Management
Doug Banks WSHJ / WDRQ Talent
Judith Barahal Syndication Networks Creative Broadcasting / WSHJ / WNIC Talent
Dave Barber WXYT / WFDF Talent
Michael Barr WJR / WNIC News
Jimmy Barrett WRVA Richmond / WJR / WXYT Talent
Lisa Barry WNIC Talent
Bob Bartlett WKNR-FM / WPAG Talent
Henry Baskin Legal Agent Management/Legal
RC Bauer WOWF / WXYT News
Gary Baumgarten WWJ News
Jim Beasley Saga Milwaukee Talent
Frank Beckmann WDRQ/WJR Sports
Rick Belcher WIBM / WSGW Programming
Brian Belesky Salem Communications / WXYZ Engineering
Tom Bell WWJ / WXYZ / CKLW News
Jon Belmont CKLW/ABC News
Marty Bender WRIF Programming
Tom Bender WRIF WCSX WMCG Management
Mary Bennett WNIC / W4 / RAB Sales
Rob Bennett WCXI Talent
Don Beno WCFL / WLS / WSHZ Programming
Mike Benson WWWW Talent
Bruce Berghamer DJ
Gary Berkowitz Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting / WJR / WCZY Programming
Mike Berman WXYZ / WCXI
Bob Berry CKLW Talent
Joe Bevilacqua WWBR Programming
Randy Bhirdo WDTW / WWJ TV & Metro Talent
Tom Bigby WXYZ / WXYT Programming
Brad Binacci WWJ Talent
Bill Bishop WAAM Talent
Mark Biviano
George Blaha WXYZ / WJR / MSU Sports Sports
Rick Bloom WXYT Talent
Gene Boivin WXYZ Management
Armen Boladian Bridgeport Music, Inc. and Westbound Records, Inc. Music
Marilyn Bond WJLB History
Bill Bonds WXYT / WKNR Talent TV
Donna Boots WJR Sales
Chuck Borchard WMJC / WRIF Management
Jim Bosh W4 / WHMI / WMGC Talent
Mike Bradley WNIC / WMGC Programming
Jim Brady CKLW
Jim Brandstatter WJR / WXYT / IMG Radio Net. Sports
Doak Breen WWJ / WDRQ / WXYT Talent
Gary Bridges WinningSounds Talent/Producer/Programmer
Wade Briggs WJLB Talent
Lynn Briggs WHYT / WJLB Talent
Frank Brodie CKLW Talent
Jim Brooker CKLW/WNIC Sales
Downtown Ed Brown WCZY Talent
Terry T. Brown WWJ / WOWF Talent
Scott Brown WRIF
Kelly Brown CIMX/89X
Fred "Boogie" Bryan WHND Talent
Fred Buchalter WKQI / WWJ Programming
Paul Buck WCSX
David A. Budjanec WWWW / WCXI Programming
Marty Bufalini Metro Traffic Talent
Jim Bugnel Records & Music
Linda Lee Bullard WYCD Talent
Gary Burbank Broadbank Burbcasting Corp. / CKLW Talent
Colleen Burcar CKLW / WCZY / WKQI News
Bob Burchett WCXI / WDEE / CKLW-FM Talent
Bob Burnham Engineer at Many Stations
Bill Burton DRAG Sales
Ed Busch CKLW Talent
Jay Butler WJLB / WQBH Talent
Mike Butts WDRQ Talent
Ed Byers WOMC / CKLW
Thomas W. Byxby
Pam Caldwell WJR/WKQI Management
Ken Calvert WRIF / WCSX / WJR Talent
Ron Cameron WPON / WDFN Sports
Bob Campbell WCZY Talent
Steve Candulo WCZY/GM Management
Paul Cannon WKNR Talent
MoJo WKQI Talent
Peter Carey WOMC / WNIC Talent
Ladd Carleton WXYZ-TV
Dan Carlisle WABX Talent
Randall Carlisle CKLW News
Carey Carlson WCSX Talent
Dr. Don Carpenter WYCD / WOWF Talent
Dave Carr WEXL Talent
Randy Carr WBFH FM -Bloomfield Hills School District Technical Director/Educator
Dave Carson Author "Rockin' Down the Dial" Writer
Kim Carson Townsquare Media Kim Carson / WDRQ / WCSX Talent
Christy Carter Talent / Promotions
Sue Carter WWJ News
Ms. Alex Caruso WOWF / WDVD Talent
Peter C. Cavanaugh WTAC Programming
Al Cecile CKLW Music
Frank Celebre WDRQ Sales
Jerry Cesak WDRQ-WMJC Talent
Art Cervi WHDN / WXYT Talent
Dave Charles CMI (Charles Media Inc) Consultant
Leo Cheslak
Cheryl Chodun WWJ WXYZ-TV Ch. 7 News
Edward Christian Saga Communications, Inc. / WNIC Management
Kenn Christopher WLIN History
Scott Damone WKSG
Ralph Cipolla WRIF / WCSX Programming
Mike Clark WRIF Talent
Pam Clark Specs Howard School Management
Jay Clark WOMC Programming
Tony Clark pro DJ/WOAP History
Pat Clawson WABX WCAR WHNE WQTE Talent
Steve Cleary IMG
Carl Coffey WRIF/WCSX Talent
Cliff Coleman WJR / WWJ / WYUR Programming
Kevin Collard WJR Programming
Michael Collins WRIF Talent
Ken Collins WHFI
Tom Collins WDEE Programming
Carl Como WDRQ Management
Dale Conquest WWJ / WJR Sports
Charlie Cook WSDS Programming
Tom Corbett WOWF / WJR / WWJ News
Steve Cortney WJR / WDFX Sports
Warren Cosford Production One / CHUM / CKLW Retired
Chuck Costa WCAR
Judy Coy WJR Talent
Jim Cozzi WWJ Sales
John Cravens ESPN Radio / WHYT Management
Mort Crim WNIC / WJR Talent TV
Jeff Crowe WCSX / WIQB Talent
Charlie Curtis WOMC / W4
Steve Dahl WABX Talent
Mark Dailey CKLW News
Karen Dalessandro WYCD Talent
Trudy Daniels WRIF News News
Chuck Daugherty WXYZ
Rob David WXYT / WDFN Management
James K. Davis CKLW Talent
E. Alvin Davis WAAM Programming
Tom Dean WJBK / WDEE Talent
Susan DeCaussin Westwood One On-Air Reporter
Jeff DeFran WJR / WTKA / WWJ / WXYT / Sports
Ann Delisi CIDR-FM Talent
John Delle Monache Delle Monache Productions / WWJ / WHFI / WSHJ /WAAM Programming
John Dew WTCM / WJZQ / WXYZ Sales
Ronald Dewey WWJ News
Skip Diegel WAAM WIBM WKHM Management
Skip Dillard Radio One Programming
Al DiNoble Records & Music
Country Dan Dixon Sirus XM / WCXI / WDEE / CKLW-FM / XM Talent
Brian C. Dombrowski Media Lawyer & United Sound Eng. Management/legal
Jim Donahue CKLW Historian History
Joe Donovan CKLW / WWJ News
Arnie (DJ) Dorton Professional DJ History
Victor Doucette Metro Traffic Talent
Tim Downey WSHJ / DRQ / WEXL
Camille Drost WWJ
Craig Dudley Records & Music
J.J. Duling WTWR Programming
Doug Dunbar WCZY Talent
Bob Dyke WSHJ Talent
Nancy Dymond Flint Radio Management Management
Chris Edmonds Greater Media WMGC / WLLZ / WNIC Talent
George Eichorn Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association Sports
Sonny Eliot WWJ Talent
Mark Elliott WOWF WYCD Talent
Larry "Doc" Elliott WCHB / WALR
Gene Elzy WJR Talent
Fred Ennis
Gail Epstein
Eric Ericson
Skip Essick WJR Programming
Mark L. Feinberg WSHJ / WCBN
Millie Felch-Coffey WLLZ / WXYZ-TV / Chum Group Sales
Murray Feldman WWJ WJR WJBK-TV Talent
Doug Fernlock CKLW Talent
Mike Fezzey WJR Management
Geoffrey Fieger WJR / WXYT Talent/legal
Gary Firth WDRQ
Rich Fisher WFDF Talent TV
Dave Fogel WHYT / WLUP-FM
Tom Force WDRQ / WOMC Talent
Joe Wade Formicola WWWW / WYCD / WXYT / WJR Talent
Dave Forster WYCD / WWWW Talent
Ron Foster formerly CKLW The Big 8
John Fountain WAAM Sports
Blaine Fowler WDVD Talent
Todd Fowler WRIF / WOWF
Charlie Fox CKLW Talent
Michael J. Foxx WHYT Talent
Dennis Frawley WABX Talent
Ernie Fredricks CKLW
Michael Freedman George Washington University / WCXI / WJR / WWJ News, Professor of Journalism, Executive Producer
Matthew Friedman Tanner Friedman
Vince Fruge WJLB
John Fullem WKQI Management
Dave Fuller WYCD / WOMC /WDRQ Talent
Brother Bill Gable CKLW / WGRV Talent
Dr. Joe Gagnon WJR / WXYT Talent
Chuck Gaidica WKQI / WDIV-TV / WNIC / WOMC Talent TV
Steve Gannon WNIC Talent
Bill Garcia WDRQ / WMXD Talent
Alan Gardner WXYT Talent
Chris Garland WKQI / WOMC / WMGC
Les Garland CKLW Programming
Tracy Gary Metro Traffic / WMGC Talent
Tom Gelardi Records & Music Music
Arnie Geller Records & Music
Denise George WYCD / WHYT
Geralyn George WCXI / WHYT
Russ Gibb WKNR-FM Talent
Jeffrey Gilbert WWJ / WWWW / WCXI News
Rick Gillette WHYT Programming
Johnny Ginger WXYZ Talent
Joseph Giordano WDFN / WXYZ-TV / WEXL Talent
Ray D. Glasser Always and Forever Video / Cleveland Videographer History
Dave Gneiser WMJC / Eastman Radio
Eric Goldberg Clear Channel / WDRQ / WCAR / WABX Management
Jay Golden CKLW former board op
Lorraine Golden WNIC Sales
Steve Goldstein WNIC Programming
Doug Gondeck WXYT Sales
Jerry Goodwin WKNR / WABX Talent
Guy Gordon WXYZ & WDIV-TV news Talent TV
Scott Gordon WHYT-EMI IDJ Records Music
Fred Goree WCHB
John Gorman WKRK Programming
Jim Gorman Gormair, Inc. / WWWW / CJOM Marketing / Talent
Ida Goutman Amazing Events (party planner)
Harvey Grace WIID Management
Gary Graff Free Press/Oakland Press Writer
Liz Graham Metro Traffic
Steve Gramzay WCAR Talent
Bob Grant WSHJ / WJLB / WDRQ / WCAR Engineering
Kip W. Grant WJIM etc.
Carl Grapetine WFMT Radio Chicago / WQRS Talent
Thomas Graye EWTN Global Catholic Network / WKNR / WAAM Talent
Bob Green Bob Green Productions, Inc. / WKNR Talent
Marty Greenberg WXYZ Management
Bob Griffith WDEE / McGavrin-Guild
Steve Gronas Records & Music
Ron Grubbs WXYT / WJR / WWJ
Paul Grzebik WDET / WTWR / WQRS Engineer
Rick Grzebik Munn-Reese / WDVD / WDRQ / WJR / WWJ / WOMC / 97.1 Engineer
Murray Gula WDFN / WXYZ-TV / WJR / WEXL Talent
Richard Haase Greater Media Detroit / WHND / WXYZ Talent / IT
Dick Haefner WXYZ / WJR News
Glenn Haege WXYT Talent
Bud Haggart WWJ
Dana Hahn WJBK-TV Fox 2 ND News TV
Doug Hamilton WNIC / WOMC Talent
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Robert Hardt ABC News Radio / WXYZ News
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Jim Harper WDTX / WNIC / WMGC / WHMI Talent
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Greg Henson WXYT / WKRK / WDFN Sports
Kevin Herring WWWW WLLZ Music
Fred Heumann WJR WKQI WLLZ WLNS-TV Sports
Elaine Hewitt WOMC / WWJ
Ron Hewlett Records & Music / WEA
Don Hibschweiler Don Riley WAAM / WDRQ Talent
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Thomas Howard CKLW Historian History
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Joe Howard WJLB
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Derrick Hughes WGPR
Joseph Huk FTE Broadcast Engineer
Bill Humphries WGPR/WEMU Talent
Rachael Hunter Metro Traffic / WDRQ / WYCD News
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Jim Huste TransLanTech Sound, LLC radio - equipment manufacturing
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Joe Johnson Community Media Network Outreach Coordinator
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Ken Kal WJR/WTKA Wings Sports
Jackie Kallen Public Relations
Larry Kaplan media photographer
Casey Kasem WJBK.WJLB Talent
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Kurt Kelly WTWR / WKBD / WOMC / WNIC Assistant Program Director, Music Research Director, Talent
Big Steve Kelly WCZY Talent
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Bob Maxwell Sports
Gary May Media TV Producer Programming
Jamie McCarthy
Chris McClure Mammoth Oak, LLC / WCAR / WCXI / WJR Sports
Herb McCord CKLW Management
John McCulloch WXYZ Talent
Jim McFarlin HOUR Detroit Magazine / Detroit News Writer
Tommy McIntyre WXYZ / WPON Talent
Mike McKenzie
Jim McKeon CKLW
Michelle McKormick WKRK Talent
John McMurray WJR News
Pat McNally W4 / WLLZ Management
Michael McNamara Markham Street Films, Inc. / CKLW documentary film History
Pete McRae WCZY Talent
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Jim Meltzer WABX Management
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Cosmic Bob Moody CKLW Talent
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Tom Mosher WDRQ Management
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Gregg Oehlke WRIF/WKRK Sales
Greg Ogonowski Orban / WWWW Engineering Engineering
John O'Leary WABX-W4-WLLZ Talent
Larry Olek WDMK / WCHB /WHTD/Radio One
Al O'Neal WEXL / WNZK AEO Sales for Bob Allison's Ask Your Neighbor Radio
Kevin O'Neill WOMC / WKQI / WNIC Talent
Michael O'Neill WKNR / WXYZ / WJR / WKBD-TV News
Katy O'Neill W4 / WYCD Talent
Vern Orr WJR Management
Keith Michaels WMUZ / WCXI Talent
Tom O'Toole WRIF Talent
Harvey Ovshinsky WRIF Talent
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Kenny Pastorius Records & Music
Don Patrick CKLW / WWJ News
Mickey Patrick WQTE / WKNR
Brian Patrick WCZY Talent
Michael Patrick-Shels WJIM / WJRW / WJR Talent
Larry Patton WCAR / WJR Talent
Dave Paulus WIQB / WTKA
Joe Penberthy Sports
Arthur Penhallow WRIF Talent
John Penny WDET / WRCJ
Joe Periano Records & Music
Suzanne Parrish WCSX
Frank Pettis Records & Music
Phlash (Steven) Phelps Sirius XM Satellite Radio Talent
Warren Pierce WJR / WAAM Talent
Bill Plague II WJR Programming
Gary Plasko Sales promotion Sales
Suzie Player WOMC sales
Norm Plummer WWJ Bob Kelly WRQN Tol. Talent
Jerry Plunk Records & Music
Jeffrey Pluta Sorenson Communications ASL Interpreter
Doug Podell WRIF Programming
Dan Poole WJR / WDEO Sales
Thomas Portney A Sound Mind Detroit native / psychotherapy
Johnny Powers Records & Music
Lou Prato
Gordon Prince Records & Music
Dave Prince WXYZ / CKLW Talent
Ray Prosser WCXI / WYST / WJR Talent
Dick Purtan CKLW / WOMC Talent
Jackie Purtan WOMC Talent
Jennifer Purtan CBS Sales
Greg Raab WCXI Management
Marty Raab WRIF Programming
Keith Radford WKBW - TV / CKLW News News
Richard Rakovan Radio Advertising Bureau / WJR Sr. VP
Screamin' Scott Randall WRIF Talent
Jon Ray WHND Talent
Velma Ray WJR Management
Lou Raymo ESI
Martha Reeves Records & Music Entertainer
Clark Reid WJR / WJBK Talent
Rob Reinhart WIQB Talent
Chuck Renwick WDEE / WKAR
Joey Reynolds WOR Network NY / WXYZ / WHYT Talent
Dusty Rhodes CKLW Talent
Chuck Richards W4 Talent
Ted Richards CKLW / WHND / WOMC / WKQI Talent
Mark Richards CKLW Talent
Mark Ridley WDFX
Jack Riggs Sports
Dwayne X. Riley WWJ TV
John Risher WCXI Management
Charlie Ritenburg CKLW Documentary / CHUM Technical Producer
Mick Rizzo Creative Services Company
Timothy Roberts WOMC / W4 / WRIF / WYCD Programming
Lou Roberts WCZY Talent
Kevin Robinson WJIM / WJMK Programming
Ronnie Roger Records & Music
Eddie Rogers WLTI Talent
Randy Rollie WABJ
Elisabeth Romano-Barrett WJR / WWJ / WXYT Producer/Talent/Sales
Ron Rose WHFI/W4/WCAR Programming
Sean Ross Billboard Magazine / Radio Writer
Sheila Rushlow WRIF Talent
Paul Russell-Erickson WQRS
Thomas Ryan CKLW Engineer Engineering
Tom Ryan The Ryan Company / CKLW / WOMC / WKNR / WXYZ Talent
Edward Salamon
Charlie Saleh Records & Music
Jim Salo WMUZ
David Salusny
Tony Salvadore WTWR Management
Dan Sandberg WSHJ-WDRQ-WNIC Talent
Kevin Sanderson WTWR WDRQ WVMV Metro Traf. Talent
Chuck Santoni W4 / WLLZ Talent
Betsy Savage WJR / WDVD Management
Karen Savelly WRIF / WCSX Talent
Denny Schaffer WCZY Talent
Bob Schick WJR Management
Mike Schiefer WNIC Sales
Crazy Al Schmitz WPON Talent
Curt Schneider Sports
Nancy Schoenheide WABX / WNIC
Stephen Schram Michigan Radio Programming
Susan Schramm WJR Management
Robert Schuman WHYT / WOWF / WYCD News
Donald Schuster WWWW / WJR Talent
Kevin Scollin Specs Howard School Programming
Mike Scott W4/WNIC/WYCD Talent
John Scott CKLW
Brian Sefansky promotion Management
Tom Selman records
Mike Seltzer SKM Management
Robert Sena AAA Traffic Traffic Reporter
Robin Seymour WKMH/WKNR Talent
Dick Shafran WNIC Talent
Tom Shannon XYZ/CK/WTWR Talent
Thom Sharp comic Talent
David Shaw WPON/WCXI
Holly Shay-Rotter Producer
Pat Sheehan WXYT/WDRQ Programming
Shelly Sherman WBRB/WWCK
Burt Sherwood consultant Management
Michael Patrick Shields WJR / WJIM Talent
Gary Shores WNRS-WDEE Programming
Dennis Shreefer WDRQ / WTAK Talent
Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor CKLW Talent
Sharon Shutty-Wright WMAQ-TV/NBC 5 / WJR / WXYZ / WKAR (Michigan State) News Anchor/Reporter
Greg Siefker WSDS / WAAM Management
Jerry Silecchia Records / CKLW Music
Mal Sillars WWJ / WHMI Talent
Gene Silverman Records & Music
Mark Simone WDRQ / WJR Talent
Donny Simpson WJLB / WPGC Talent
Mike Sinclair WDRQ
Mike Sloan WLLZ/WIQB
Erik Smith WKNR/Ch. 7 News
Paul W. Smith CKLW WJR Talent
Sheila Smith Greater Media Detroit / WRIF / WCSX / WMGC Radio Management
John Smyntek Free Press Writer
Dick Smyth CKLW News
Robert J. Sneddon XYZ SHJ Management
Mike Sommers WMJC/WDFX Programming
Liz Sommerville WOMC/CKLW Talent
Marie Soraghan WOWF/WYCD
Cheryl Sparks WWWW
Debbie Spatafora WWJ Programming
Charlene Kernen Specs Howard Specs Howard School
Laurie B. Spoon-Potter Savannah Records
Greg St. James WRIF / WHYT Talent
Pat St. John CKLW / WKNR Talent
Mike Staff WRIF WLLZ WJR WBRB Talent
Wayne Stafford Tomorrow's Solutions / CKLW / CIMX
Allan Stagg WABX Talent
Jerry Stanecki WXYZ Talent
Bill Stedman WOMC / WCSX Programming
Gary Stevens WKNR Talent
Michael Stevens WKNR / WRIF Talent
Steve Stewart WJR Programming
Phyllis Stone
Rob Striker Cumulus - Flint / WWBR / WYCD Management
Chuck Swirsky WJR Sports
George Switzer Retired
Michael Swope WJCO / WIBM / ACVN-TV News/Sports/Host
Jane Tate WRIF
Alex Tear WDRQ Programming
Dom Theodore Programming
John Thomas WOMC Air Personality
Randy Thomas Randy Thomas Productions / W4 WRIF WABX Talent
Joe Thomas WDTW Talent
Doug Thompson Douglas Communications, Inc. Radio Writer / Producer
Bobby Todd CKLW Talent
Christy Tilley WHYT / W4
Art Timko WEMU Management
Dave Tollington CJOM
Mike Toth WAAM / WPAG / Mich. Spot Sales Sales
Phil Tower WLAV / WOOD Programming
Rosalie Trombley CKLW The Big 8 Programming
Eileen Trombley-Glick Detroit Memories History
Joe Urbiel WABX / WIQB Talent
Harry Valentine WOWF Programming
Charlie Van Dyke CKLW Talent
Dave Van Dyke W4 Programming
Buzz Van Houten WRIF / WJR / WLLZ Sales
Joe Vaughn WXYZ News
Ken Venus CKLW / CIDR / CJOM
Fast Eddie Russ CKLW
Linda Vilums-Clause W4 / WCXI / WDFN Management
Art Vuolo, Jr. RADIOGUIDE / Vuolo Video History
Joe Wade Formicola W4 / WYCD / WXYT Talent
Dave Wagner WQRS Talent
Michael Waite WCZY / WHYT Programming
Brad Waldo WLTI
Robin Walker WJBK (Last Jack the Bellboy) Talent
Kenny Walker Records & Music
Les Walker WGPR
Richard Wallace Interlochen Public Radio / WQRS Programming
Kenneth Wallace Wallace Commuication Services, Inc. / Radio One Detroit EngineeEngineering
Todd Wallace CKLW Talent
Bart Walsh WWWW Management
Ken Warner W4 / WYCD Programming
David Washington WPON
Don Watson WWJ News
Chris Weagel Community Media Network Production Coordinator
Steve Weed Clear Channel Radio / WCZY Programming
Michelle Welter WXYT / WWJ
Peter Werbe WRIF Talent
Thomas Weschler Records & Music
Mark Wescott Ride Records Music
W. Scott Westerman WVIC Cable TV MSU Talent
John Wettlaufer WSHJ / WDRQ / WOMC / WCLS Talent
Susan Whitall Detroit News Radio Writer Writer
Russ White WJR / WDTX / WQRS / WLTI Programming
Brian White WDRQ Programming
Mike Whorf WJR Talent
H. Jay Wiencko, Jr. Community Media Network Executive Director
Tom Wight WPAG Sales
Johnny Williams WNIC Talent
Dick Williams Records & Music
Mark Wilson WDFN / WKRK Sports
Al Wilson WABX Management
Dave Christopher WDRQ Talent
Ronald Wittebols WBFH Programming
Ed Wolfrum Audio Production /Engineering Engineering
Frank Wood WJLB owner Secret Comm.
Robert J. Wood
Lynne Woodison WRIF / WCSX Talent
Paul Woods Red Wings / WJR
Jonathon Yinger CBSL
George Young George Young & Co. Entertainer / Comic
Terry Young WDFX / Sirius XM Radio Talent
Randy Z. WIQB / Specs Howard School Programming
Eli Zaret WXYT Sports
Theodore Zawislak CKLW WTWR WCLS Ch. 4 Talent
Alisa Zee Metro Traffic Control Talent
Ed Zelenak WDRQ / WXYT
Steve Zieman WJR / WQRS
Jim Zinser
Alexander Zonjic WVMV / Musician Talent
Dave Zoran WOMC/Purtan Show voices Talent

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